Journal Entry 188

Introduction This account appointment will advice you reflect on your advancement strategies from your commodity readings and any alternative alfresco sources you find. Remember advancement is authentic as accessible abutment for or advancement of a accurate account or policy.  The Assignment Complete the Cogitating Account appointment application the affair assigned. Journal TopicThink about advancement strategies.  What strategies do you acquisition yourself application best generally and why? Are they effective?  Are they effective? Which strategies accept you apparent implemented finer that fabricated a aberration in the lives of (a) child(ren)?     Acceptable Length The account charge be a minimum of 2 paragraphs, anniversary branch charge be at atomic 5-7 sentences in length. The aboriginal branch should accommodate a description of the event, activity, or alternation that pertains to the topic.  Be specific and abundant to accord a bright compassionate of the event, action or bearings you accept selected.The additional branch is your adventitious to reflect on the event, activity, or interaction. As you reflect, anticipate about what you learned, what could accept been done bigger or differently, or what went awfully well.  Perhaps this will account you to change your convenance with accouchement and families.  Remember this is your adventitious to acknowledge candidly and anticipate about your role as an aboriginal adolescence professional. How accept you developed as a professional? These are all appropriate to advice you reflect, it is not all-important to accommodate all the suggestions in your cogitating paragraph.  Grading Criteria Journals are account 100% and are 2% of your all-embracing grade. 10 credibility are deducted if an  is not included in the additional paragraph. 10 credibility are deducted if  paragraphs are not included 10 credibility are deducted if the minimum 5-7 sentences claim is not met in both paragraphs. 0 – 20 credibility are deducted for spelling and grammar 0 – 20 credibility are deducted if the event, activity, or alternation does not chronicle to the accustomed topic.

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