Journal 2

Journal access 2:a. Compare the theories that explain crumbling including senescence, cellular crumbling theory, immunological theory, and chargeless abolitionist theoryb. Contrast the types of memory: recall, recognition, decay theory, arrest theory, and spatial memoryc. Using Table 2 in Patrick, Hayslip & Hollis-Sawyer Ch 2 what home and situational changes would you charge to accomplish if you aback became caregiver of an aged ancestors member.d. Watch The Ted Talk " The animal accuracy about ageism" and accord two examples of ageism that you accept witnessed.e. Explain the demographic bisect as the dichotomy amid the needs of adolescent and old amid developed and developing countries.f. Compare affliction and alive activity assumption globally. Compare the banking abutment of the crumbling citizenry in the U.S. and globally. Gove specific examples from one developed nation, one developing nation, and one arrested nation.g. In anniversary of the aloft analyze authoritative programs advised to abutment the abundance of the crumbling population. Distinguish in these countries the programs that are needs based and the programs that are universally accessible in the country.500 words is the minimum requirement

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