Job Analysis and Recruiting Methods Discussion Questions

Discussion One: Review the actual presented in the advance about how to conduct a job analysis, the assorted methods for accession data, and the pros and cons of the assorted methods. Then, advance a plan to accumulate abstracts for a job analysis. You will charge to a) baddest the position (a job) to analyze; b) use at atomic two methods for accession data; c) aggregate the abstracts application the methods called and d) abridge your allegation in a abbreviate job description and job specification. If you do not accept a position in a archetypal office, retail enactment or assembly ability you can use, seek out a position from elsewhere. Include the following: 1. The position you called to assay (Receptionist)  2. The methods you called for acquisition data 3. The account for why you called the methods you did 4.  A altercation of your acquaintance in accession this data 5.  A abbreviate sample position description and job blueprint you were able to architecture based on the abstracts you gathered. You may use a chat certificate if you like or accommodate your angle in the agreeable of your acknowledgment window. Be abiding to accommodate the references for the sources of the advice you acclimated to acquaint your analysis, including the actual provided in the classroom. SOURCES PROVIDED: 

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