Object-Oriented Programming with Java  (a) Give three differences amid an interface and an abstruse chic in Java. [3 marks]  (b) A amateur programmer writes the afterward cipher in adjustment to be able to absolutely carbon an article of blazon Car.  public chic Tyre { clandestine int treadRemaining;  public abandoned SetTread(int t) { treadRemaining=t; }  public int GetTread() { acknowledgment treadRemaining; } }  public chic Car extends Vehicle accouterments Cloneable { clandestine Tyre tyres[] = new Tyre[4];  public Car() { for (int i=0; i<4; i++) tyres[i] = new Tyre(); }  public Article clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException { Car c = new Car();  c.tyres = this.tyres; acknowledgment c; } }  (i) Explain what it agency for the treadRemaining acreage to be private. Explain why it is acceptable programming convenance for such fields to be private. [3 marks]  (ii) Identify the blazon of interface that Cloneable is. What is the defining appropriate of such interfaces? [2 marks]  (iii) Identify and explain two affidavit why this cipher may not action as intended. [4 marks]  (iv) Rewrite the cipher to abode the problems you accept articular and acquiesce Car altar to be absolutely cloned. [8 marks] 1 

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