Assignment Description In Unit 1, you created an appliance account provider (ASP) activity with a distinct folio alleged Home.aspx. In this assignment, you will add 2 added pages and navigation. You will additionally actualize the database absolute your products. Site Framework The aboriginal footfall is to actualize the added pages of your e-commerce site. First, accessible the activity that you submitted for the Unit 1 IP assignment. This activity should accept a folio called Home.aspx, and that folio should accept the acceptable bulletin and description you wrote for the Unit 1 IP assignment. Using the achieve you abstruse in the Unit 1 Individual Acquiescence project, add the afterward pages to the site: Catalog.aspx: This      page will accommodate the archive acclimated in the arcade experience. Aside from      navigation links, which you will actualize in the abutting area below, it will      remain abandoned of agreeable in this submission. You will actualize the arcade      experience in Unit 3. ShoppingCart.aspx: This      page will accommodate the arcade barrow and a button for the user to analysis      out. Aside from aeronautics links, it will abide abandoned of agreeable in this      submission. You will actualize the barrow and checkout acquaintance in Unit 4. Navigation To use the site, visitors will charge to be able to cross amid the 3 pages that your armpit now contains. Chase the instructions in the Adviser to Creating Aeronautics area of the Unit 2 Individual Acquiescence advisory guide, which is affiliated below. Products Collection To adapt for the articles database, you will charge to aggregate some data. You will charge 6–8 articles to sell. For anniversary one, you will charge some information, such as name, description, and price. These abstracts do not charge to represent real-world products, but you will charge images to affectation alongside anniversary artefact in the catalog. These images can be calm from a chase agent and charge not accurately appearance the articles you intend to sell. You do not charge to advertence the antecedent of your images, too. However, back because your products, bethink that a ample activity can be apparent to a abeyant employer in an account as an archetype of your work. To complete this step, chase the Adviser to Gathering Artefact Info area of the Unit 2 Individual Acquiescence advisory guide, which is affiliated below. Creating the Database In Unit 3, you will actualize the archive to affectation the images and abstracts that you accept calm in the footfall above. That archive will be dynamic, acceptation it will affectation all of the articles that are currently accessible (meaning they’re in your Articles table). A changeless archive would accept to be adapted anniversary time you run out of account or whenever a new account is added to or removed from the account of articles that you sell. A activating archive will automatically acclimatize its affectation to appearance every row of abstracts alternate from the database. To achieve this in Unit 3, you aboriginal charge to actualize the database actuality in this assignment. Watch the tutorial “Creating the Database” (see Learning Activities), and again actualize your database by afterward the Creating the Database area of the Unit 2 Individual Acquiescence advisory guide, which is affiliated below.

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