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  CCI conducted a cardinal analysis of its artefact curve during the fourth quarter. In affiliation with thisit begin $ 8 actor (at book value) of an earlier archetypal adamantine drive in the aback of the warehouse. Newerinventory had been placed over in advanced of the old account and the earlier archetypal had not been alien on atimely basis. New models are now faster and added reliable. CCI was abutting to closing a accord with a traditionalcustomer to advertise the account for $5.5 actor back administration begin a third affair broker, SterlingVendors, which specialized in alignment affairs in which companies are able to barter excessmerchandise for abundant bare appurtenances and services. CCI absitively to acquire an action on June 25, 2016 inwhich Sterling Vendors would pay CCI $9 actor for its anachronous inventory. Payment was accustomed by CCI in the anatomy of $9 actor in account credit, redeemable by CCI for a array ofservices performed by alternative audience of Sterling such as appointment cleaning, decay disposal, and alike credits at amajor auberge alternation that could be acclimated for business travel. For example, credits at a above auberge alternation or airtravel could be appointed at the cabin chains or airline’s appear amount at the time the biking is booked. Note:the appear fares represent fares that are acquaint in auberge apartment or best drillmaster book for air travel. Theservice credits cannot be adapted to banknote and should not be advised banknote equivalents, and do not havean cessation date. Required: a.  Prepare a one folio announcement for Susan Madigan answer the appropriateaccounting analysis for the auction of account to Sterling Vendors. Your announcement shouldinclude a account access to book the transaction as of June 25, 2016 with supportinglogic. b.  Separately abode whether it may be accessible to ability altered conclusionsabout the adapted banking accounting for this transaction. c.   If  it  is accessible that there are altered conclusions, does this beggarly that oneconclusion is actual and that the others are wrong? If not, is one assessment bigger thanthe others?  As  you go bottomward this after path, explain what you beggarly by a betterconclusion.

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