1. I charge an aboriginal cardboard - this agency no pre-done work, no affected or acquired works.  2. I charge this done by Sunday Afternoon 4 0r 5 pm latest so I can analysis its authenticity. 3. If I acquisition appropriation of any array I will accept no best but to address you. 4. When you complete the appointment - CONTACT ME FIRST - !! 5. DO NOT POST THE ANSWER UNTIL I CONTACT YOU BACK AND SAY I AM READY!!  6. After I download the acknowledgment you column YOU MUST PULL THE ANSWER DOWN and leave it bottomward until I accept a brand from the Professor, which will be a few days. (THIS IS TO PREVENT ANOTHER STUDENT FROM PURCHASING SAME WORK AND GETTING ME IN TROUBLE FOR SUBMITTING SAME WORK.) 7. After I get brand I will appear aback to acquaint you aggregate is done, again and alone again should you repost the acknowledgment so you can accomplish added money from it! The Professor who has accustomed this appointment checks thoroughly for affected appointment so...……..IF YOU CANNOT ABIDE BY THE RULES OF THIS CONTACT BETWEEN A TUTOR AND MYSELF THEN DO NOT APPLY FOR OR ACCEPT THE JOB!! I do not comedy games, if you cheat, copy, etc. you will affliction it because I will acquisition out.....SO DON'T PLAGIARIZE OK? THX! read adapter for outline.....

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