issac storm discussion

  Isaac's Storm Discussion In a abrupt (2-4 paragraphs) antecedent column altercate some similarities and differences apropos our aerial accord amid "Mother Nature" in 1900 and today. Accept we progressed in our ability and acquaintance from the time of the Galveston Hurricane or are we still authoritative the aforementioned mistakes admitting our bigger technology? One-hundred and twenty years from today, what ability our approaching ancestors attending aback on and criticize us for, aloof as we today may attending aback and criticize the airs and airs of Isaac Cline in 1900? Once you accept an antecedent post, acknowledge to at atomic one alternative apprentice with a animadversion that adds to their response. This can be an acceding or a disagreement. The important affair is that you are absolutely abacus to the acknowledgment and not aloof repeating what they posted. The point breakdown for this altercation will be 30 for the antecedent acknowledgment and 20 for the reply.

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