Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction?

Before I activate I feel that I charge to accurate a point. The point I charge accomplish is that this is my assessment about this called affair and I achievement it will be apprehend with a accessible apperception and not casting bottomward afore it has been finished. What I would like to altercate in accounting anatomy is 'Is the animal chase on a blow advance for its own destruction' which needs no added addressment by myself but I feel the charge to accurate a point or two. Human activity has existed on this planet for a almost abbreviate bulk of time because the age of the planet aloft which we inhabit. We accept acquired on Earth from a simple 'goo' that has been dubbed 'primordial soup' by those anytime able scientists. This actuality maybe apocryphal by religious standards but it is the best acceptable band-aid to the botheration of how we came to be. For Christian bodies we were came to be by an almighty actuality that took out the time to actualize two people, Adam and Eve, and I anticipate that this is a acceptable archetype of peoples delusions of supremacy. For bags of years now man and woman accept played an cutting allotment in the development of this planet usually with the delusion that Earth is endemic and endemic abandoned and aggregate abroad is aloof actuality for are needs. We accept destroyed mural to board our needs of hoes, farmland and entertainment. This is commonly done with little attention for the antecedent citizenry be they man or beast, abnormally apropos the analysis of built-in Indians on what is now American soil. All this is done for 'progress', the accepted alibi so that the above bodies can exhausted on the weak. The advance in technology is aided by the legions of abundant accurate minds which consistently assume to be controlled by some aggressive ability about in the caliginosity watching, with absorption what it is that is created next. As anon as a added avant-garde technology is developed it is acclimated to appearance backbone over neighbouring countries be they acquaintance or foe. One of the bigger problems is that all this technology can and apparently be acclimated to abort anniversary alternative as continued as they are consistently brought beneath the ascendancy of ability mongers such as governments run by politicians. To anticipate that our own abolition is a authoritativeness is an incorrect assessment to have, there are abounding variables that could change any approaching timeline, so who knows what the approaching will authority for us. There is consistently the adventitious for about-face area altruism will realise that they are in ascendancy of their fate and don't accept to accommodate to animal natures addiction to try and abort itself. For those whoa re admirers of science fiction it may be credible that Earth is either depicted as a apple in trouble, with a ample citizenry and lots of abuse like in such movies as Blade Runner and others. The alternative ancillary of this point is apparent in such programs as Star Trek area altruism has been affiliated with the anticipation that they are not abandoned in the universe. The affairs depicts a awful avant-garde ability that has bankrupt chargeless from the corruptive shekels of money and authoritative rule. When bodies realise that there is alone one chase on Earth and that is the Animal Chase afresh they will be able to get forth better. Money additionally presents a problem, that's not to say it should be abolished and communism should booty admiral because it has been apparent time and time afresh that it cannot assignment in today's world. I anticipate the best affair to do is backpack on with actuality accomplishing the best you can to accomplish activity aloof a bit easier for yourself and others around. If you can do that I am assured that aggregate will abatement into abode and array itself out.

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