Introduction to Social Work online textbook UNIT-1 Introduction to Social Work Text: Chapter 5 Why Choose the Social Work Profession? (Links to an alien site.) Types of Social Work: (Links to an alien site.) Lesson 1 Altercation 1 Please actualize a altercation column introducing yourself to the chic and acknowledgment the afterward questions: · Where are you from? · What fabricated you appetite to booty this Introduction to Social Work course? · Do you accept any acquaintance in Social Work? If yes, amuse allotment some of your acquaintance (s). · What do you achievement to apprentice from this course? Lesson 1 Altercation 2 After reviewing the readings and video, amuse actualize a abundant altercation column because the afterward question(s) in your post. · What were your perceptions of the role of a Social Worker above-mentioned to this class? · What types of Social Work absorption you the best and why?

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