Interpersonal Communication as it relates to relationships

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Causes of interpersonal communication as it relates to relationships, problems that interpersonal commincation issues have on relations, how to improve interpersonal communication as it relates to relationships, and how to overcome interpersonal communication problems in relationships. Outlines must six to seven pages in length (this would be roughly one to two pages per area included in the outline), 10-point font, double spaced, including these five sections: Title Page (title of speech, name of presenter, audience prepared for – school or institution, date): You can use this information to create your first slide in PowerPoint. Table of Contents: Include final outline (general goal, specific goal, thesis statement sentence, introduction paragraph, full sentence outline), conclusion paragraph, description of visuals (images for PowerPoint), and APA references. General goal, specific goal, thesis statement, introduction paragraph, body of the outline in sentence format (one to two pages) Summary or conclusion paragraph (one to two pages) Visuals description plan – images for the PowerPoint slides, by slide number if known (one to two pages) Four or more authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). References must be written in APA format with hanging indents, in alphabetical order, and with everything double spaced, The word references should not be formatted. Include copyrighted image resources in this list.

Outline and Speech Presentation with Narration Overview

Presenting information in a clear, concise manner, while keeping the audience interested, is one of the more common speaking situations you may face in a professional setting. Often, while you may be the resident “expert” on a topic, you will find that in order to effectively inform a group on a particular subject you may need to do a significant amount of research to support your claims. In other instances, you may be asked to perform research on a topic that you are unfamiliar with and to present to a group the information that you have gathered. In either case, this is called speaking to inform. At other times, you may have to persuade others to believe your point of view or accept your solution to a problem. This is called speaking to persuade.

Assignment: Prepare an informative or persuasive speech utilizing the speech pattern of your choice.

Parameters: Speech must be related to workplace communication, relevant to this audience and approved by the instructor. Brainstorm and/or look in your text for ideas.

Topics for paper:

Interpersonal Communication as it relates to relationships, Causes of Interpersonal Communication issues as it relates to relationships, How to resolve Interpersonal Communication issues as it relates to relationships, How to overcome Interpersonal Communication issues, Problems Interpersonal Communication as it relates to relationships can have

You must use PowerPoint with your speech recorded using the Narration feature and include in the presentation a minimum of five slides. PowerPoint documents will be graded as part of the speech.

Time: The full team presentation should fall within the time constraints of 5-7 minutes.

Outline and References: An outline is required. Main points should be full sentences, first level subpoints may be full sentences or phrases, second and third level subpoints may be phrases or key words. The outline should include a speech title, general purpose, specific purpose, thesis statement, introduction, body and conclusion. Please see the sample outline in the Doc Sharing for details.

Using APA format, create a reference page documenting a minimum of four sources and all materials that are not considered “common knowledge” or “public domain.” Please review the policy under Course Home that discusses plagiarism so that you can be sure to avoid it. As a general rule, when in doubt, cite the source.

Per the sample outline in the Doc Sharing, a description of visuals is required as well. See the sample outline for details.

The outline, references and description of visuals should be submitted in one document to the dropbox.

Evaluation: 220 points; 100 points allocated to the outline. 60 points allocated to the speech delivery and 60 points allocated to the PowerPoint.

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