Information technology

Week 4 Case Project


Unit IV Case Project


Review Case Project 10-2 on page 327 of the textbook. After carefully examining Figure 10-21 and cross-referencing it against the concepts in Chapter 10, answer questions one through eight. Create any tables or graphs as you see fit, and properly re-name them according to the associated question. For example, question one asks you to create a detailed table; this should be named CaseProject10_2_Question1.


Your assignment should be a minimum two pages with any graphs, tables, or appendices appropriately cited using APA style writing…

1. How many hops are there from one node to another? Make up a detailed


2. What are all the IP addresses? Assign IPs for each machine and all router

ports. Some IP addresses are already suggested.

3. Estimate how long it takes (assuming all routers come on line at the same

time with their port-0 and port-1 IP addresses set) for the routing tables to

stabilize. Use a 30-second RIP interval in your calculations.

4. What entries are in router Ra’s routing table?

5. If router Rf goes down, how does machine 4 talk to machine 5?

6. What is the minimum number of routers required to connect all five


7. What is the impact of eliminating one router from the network in Figure


8. What is the impact of eliminating two routers?

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