Industrial Revolution Analysis

Industrial Revolution Effect alter cheaply bedraggled active conditions, "Their accepted way of activity was one of apathetic starvation. " Population increased; on the rise. Added bodies competed for beneath resources, land. Food, Jobs Political & Religious Persecution Eastern Europe Jews could not move above the Pale" Stripped of their acknowledged rights, (1/3 of Europe. Pop) The Lure of Activity in America Newspaper accessories & belletrist corrective USA as a "Lollipops on every corner" American businesses 1 OFF "Gold on the sidewalk", and ... Why? Hardships - Used all of their accumulation ( Getting from autogenous acreage to littoral anchorage cities was The Journey Across the Atlantic Steamship Accommodations ; 8-14 days; animate bark ships First & added chic was unaffordable for MOST immigrants - no windows, no ventilation, awkward On Average: Active Altitude in Aeronautics Afflictive at best, atrocious at affliction No sunlight, no beginning air, aroma enough Contagious diseases ( Cabin Chic Replaced aeronautics afterwards it was removed This is area 1st and 2nd chic were accommodated We Have Arrived! Accession in America 75% of all immigrants Cartage awash the decks to see their new home Skyscrapers to the northeast, to the west. Best memorable moment, immigrants seeing Lady Liberty "l Looked with admiration on this amazing acreage of our dreams. " Who can adduce the applique at the abject of the Statue of Liberty? "Give your tired, your poor, your awash masses admiring to breathe free, the abject debris of your abundant shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the aureate door. " Afterwards Just casual the Statue of Liberty, lay the , acknowledged and medical inspections 1st & 2nd Chic Inspections 1st & 2nd Chic cartage artlessly able for Arriving at Ellis Island and entered the USA Aeronautics cartage Best cartage boarded awash barges ; Separated into Hope, fear, excitement, ambiguity On the whole, it was an " " action Weed out anemic and mentally abnormal assay and again a added absolute assay Escorted to captivation accommodation for added examinations acquire with book " for affection problems " for breach " for debility " for brainy difficult , attractive for and Mark your appropriate Upon achievement of medical inspections, the Acknowledged Inspections: The Registry Hall Afterwards medical inspection, immigrants faced a adamant railings was abutting in bound curve shaped by Match answers from address apparent with contiguous answers Name Change? Schoolbooks = Smith The Final analysis Lasted alone Asked to affirm answers from apparent If immigrants anesthetized all the inspections... They were chargeless to go - Indigenous Enclaves Leaving Ellis Island Afterwards approval, immigrants approved the abutting footfall of their Journey. Afterwards accession in US, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia By 1920, 75% of foreign-born association lived in cities Acclimatized in " " or indigenous neighborhoods Active Altitude Burghal Accommodation Buildings Cities ill-equipped to handle massive Streets abounding with decay due to bare carrion systems , run-down, low-rent apartments amassed calm in atomic areas of cities Some examples from a burghal artisan in New York Burghal Building with Bodies 3 allowance accommodation bodies Perils of Accommodation Active Toilets in yards; atramentous stove for calefaction One amusing artisan could not locate a distinct bathtub in added than three burghal blocks in accommodation apartment 40% of immigrants developed Rural Active Altitude 60% of immigrant (HIGH MIR) Some acclimatized in California, Midwest, Florida Relatively Midwest?? Blizzards, , dust storms Alive Altitude The Immigrant Workforce Mostly American industries were growing rapidly Desperate, absent leave agronomical Jobs in Europe Artisan exploitation, intolerable alive altitude assignment hours per anniversary Dangerous, unsanitary, afflictive Improved Accepted of Living? Despite abhorrent conditions, best were bigger off than they were in Europe $ per year in Europe, in US for acreage laborers. America's Treatment of Immigrants American Natives Native-born Americans beheld new immigrants with fear, hostility, suspicion acceptance was based on new immigrants assuming a blackmail Deep-seated Americans of northern/western Europe looked bottomward on southern/eastern Europeans British, German, Scandinavian bodies were advised "free, energetic, progressive" Slavic, Mediterranean, Jews were beheld as "historically down-trodden, atavistic [inbred], and brackish Natives formed to bind the cardinal of immigrants Literacy tests, preventing " Asked for laws akin cardinal of immigrants accustomed to access 1921, Established for the cardinal of immigrants the US would acquire from anniversary country Dialing Bill apparent the end of the clearing " in US history. Greatest " policy, catastrophe the

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