Indigenous Essay- 1800 Words

Academic Essay. Written Reflections & Analytical Analysis:

This assemblage has been advised to empower agents to be bigger abreast about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education.

Critically analyse and reflect on one of the 6 key contemporary areas of this assemblage listed below, appraise the acceptation and appliance of your called affair to your approaching role as a teacher, and analyze strategies to enhance your capability in the classroom, decidedly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

1. Country and story;

2. Indigenous Knowledges;

3. Indigenous literacies and Aboriginal English;

4. Aboriginal Apprenticeship Policies in your State and Federally;

5. The belief actuality affianced in, aural the Australian ‘History Wars’;

6. Incorporating and agreeable Aboriginal perspectives in the teaching of a called class breadth (Specify called focus) .

In this article accommodate the following:

  1. Critical absorption and assay of your perceived claimed and alone role as approaching teachers.
  2. Analysis and absorption of pedagogical apparatus in affection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.
  3. Critical assay and claimed reflections of the readings affianced in as they chronicle to your called contemporary area.

Weighting:                                        45%

Length and/or format:                     1800

Purpose:                                           This appointment is advised to acquiesce you to reflect on your adventures and acquirements adventure and allegorize how you accept furthered your compassionate through an assurance with the perspectives and alive aggregate by bookish choir independent aural the assorted readings provided, and alternative actual and sources you accept apart been researching. This final appointment is about the akin of compassionate and acumen you accept acquired and can accompany to your teaching as a amalgam of ability about your called theme.

Learning outcomes assessed:       1 to 5 inclusively

How to submit:                                Submit your appointment application the Turnitin LINK below.

Return of assignment:                    Essays will be alternate through LEO aural 3 weeks.


• bright identification of called affair anchored aural a bright and abridged addition (/6) 

• amount of claimed absorption and analytical assay (/12) 

• well-developed and articular altercation approved through bright illustrations or examples (/12) 

• bright affirmation of your acumen of your role as a approaching abecedary to bury Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprenticeship and perspectives in the class (/4) 

• amount of bookish analysis (/6) 

• well-developed and articular cessation (/3) 

• APA ‘in text’ referencing and Reference account (/2) 

The article will be apparent by the LIC/lecturer/tutor application the afterward criteria.


Recommended references: 

Battiste, M., & Henderson, J. Y. (2000). Protecting Indigenous ability and heritage. A global 

challenge. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: Purich. 

Blair, N. (2015). Aboriginal Education: More than abacus perspectives. In Noelene L. Weatherby-Fell 

(Ed). Learning to Teach in the Secondary School. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.189-208. 

Burridge, N., Whalan. F. and Vaughan. K. (ed) (2012) Indigenous Education. A Acquirements Adventure for 

Teachers, Schools and Communities. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishing. 

Clark, A. (2008). History’s children: History wars in the classroom. Sydney, NSW: University of New 

South Wales Press. 

Collins-Gearing, B., & Osland, D. (2010). Who will save us from the rabbits?: Rewriting the accomplished allegorically. In The attractive glass: New perspectives on children's literature, Vol 14, No 2. 

Hampton, R., & Toombs, M. (2013). Indigenous Australians and health: The beatnik in the room. 

South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press. 

Harrison, N and Sellwood J (2016). Teaching and acquirements in Aboriginal apprenticeship (3rd ed.). South 

Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press. 

Kickett-Tucker, C (Ed). (2017). Mia Mia. Aboriginal Community Development. Fostering Cultural 

Security. Port Melbourne. Vic: Cambridge University Press. 

Nakata, M. (2007). Disciplining the savages. Savaging the disciplines. Canberra, ACT: Aboriginal 

Studies Press. 

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Phillips, J., & Lampert, J. (2012). Introductory Indigenous studies in Education. Absorption and the 

importance of alive (2nd ed.). Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia.


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