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1. Absolute accidental samples were taken from accustomed distributions of the anniversary assembly of ships congenital by the International Ship Building Aggregation beneath (a) a fixed-position blueprint (sample admeasurement = 7) and (b) a activity blueprint (sample admeasurement = 8). The aggregation wants to apperceive if the variances in the anniversary assembly of ships for the 2 layouts are equal. The sample variances (s2) are: fixed-position blueprint = 9, activity blueprint = 4. Using a = .10, what blueprint would you use?
(Points : 5)
χ² = ∑ (fij – eij)2 ÷ eij

F = s12 ÷ s22

x̄ = ∑ x ÷ n

s2 = ∑(x - x̄)2 ÷ (n – 1)

2. Suppose that a accidental sample of 25 retail merchants from all of the 5,000 merchants in a ample burghal yielded a beggarly announcement amount (x̄) for the accomplished year of $1,250. If the anniversary announcement expenditures are accepted to be commonly broadcast and the accepted aberration of the citizenry (σ) is $750, what blueprint would you use to actuate the 95% aplomb breach for the authentic beggarly announcement expense?
(Points : 5)
F = s12 ÷ s22

x̄ - t(s ÷ √n) < µ < x̄ + t(s ÷ √n)

z = (x - µ) ÷ σ

x̄ - z(σ ÷ √n) < µ < x̄ + z(σ ÷ √n)

3. The boilerplate gasoline amount (µ) of one of the above oil companies in Europe has been $1.25 per liter with a citizenry accepted aberration of the citizenry (σ) of $0.14. Recently, the aggregation has undertaken several ability measures in adjustment to abate prices. Management is absorbed in free whether their ability measures accept absolutely bargain prices. A accidental sample of 49 of their gas stations is called and the boilerplate amount (x̄) is bent to be $1.20 per liter. What blueprint would you use to actuate whether the new ability measures were effective? (a = 0.05)
(Points : 5)
F = s12 ÷ s22

t = (x̄ - μx-bar) ÷ s/√n

z = (x̄ - μx-bar) ÷ σ/√n

ŷ = b0 + b1x

4. On the best contempo tax cut proposal, a accidental sample of democrats and republicans in the Congress casting their votes as apparent below. Are the opinions on the tax cut angle absolute of affair affiliation? Use a = 0.01.
Favor Oppose Abstain
Democrat 85 78 37
Republican 118 61 25

5. An auto architect has a new archetypal that they affirmation gets 27 afar per gallon. A customer testing bureau selects 50 of these cars and finds that the sample beggarly (x̄) is 25 afar per gallon and s2 = 9 afar per gallon. Is the manufacturer’s affirmation accurate? (a = 0.05)

6. Is there a cogent aberration in auto allowance ante in altered cities of commensurable admeasurement in the U.S.? To acknowledgment this catechism a analysis was taken in 3 cities. A sample of 6 auto allowance premiums was taken for married, macho drivers, over 35 years-of-age, with no accidents in the aftermost 5 years. The table beneath contains semi-annual premiums for according action coverage. Test the adapted antecedent at the 0.05 akin of significance.

Baton Rouge Fresno Tulsa
96 124 82
128 149 124
83 166 132
61 147 135
101 149 109
78 130 121

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