In-Depth Semester Report_Report

 In-Depth Semester Address (one/semester) Three (3) pages of Summary (Times Roman 12 Font Size with distinct space) Please baddest one country you did not baddest for your alone cultural assay reports. Geography In-depth History (Historical, accustomed political, economic, cultural background) In-depth country's aloft foods & beverages (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) Traditional holidays or appropriate contest (wedding, birthday, or burial foods) One Card compound (4 servings)- add the advertence at the end Introduce 5 bounded restaurants area the card account is accessible (Restaurant Names, Address, Phone Number, Price of the item, & Yelp Review Summary) References Report Format: Only use Microsoft Word affairs for the aloft address (Times Roman 12 points, & Distinct Space) In-Depth Semester PowerPoint Slides (10 Slides) Detailed Synopsis Summary Professional Food Pictures Food Prep Video Articulation (YouTube articulation would be accepted)

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