Question One [20 marks] Internet amateur accept become actual popular. Designing a acceptable computer bold needs to use 3D cartoon and bogus intelligence technologies. Chase the abstract to specify what AI techniques are able to accomplish computer ball added agitative and arduous  20 marks Question Two [20 marks] Identify an alignment and accept the attributes of its business and analyze problems that accept been accurate or can potentially be accurate by able systems. Some examples accommodate alternative of suppliers, alternative of new employee, job assignments computer selection, market-contact adjustment selection, and free acceptance to alum school. Discuss how these issues can be addressed by ability based systems   20 marks Question Three [20 marks] Consider the controlling bearings authentic by the afterward rules:  1. If it is a nice day and it is summer, again I go to the golf course.  2. If it is a nice day and it is winter, again I go to the ski resort.  3. If it is not a nice day and it is summer, again I go to work.  4. If it is not a nice day and it is winter, again I go to class. 5. If I go to the golf course, again I comedy golf.  6. If I go to the ski resort, again I go skiing.  7. If I go skiing or I comedy golf, again I accept fun.  8. If I go to work, again I accomplish money.  9. If I go to class, again I apprentice something.  a. Follow the rules for the afterward situations (what do you achieve for anniversary one?):  1. It is a nice day and it is summer.  2. It is not a nice day and it is winter.  3. It is a nice day and it is winter.  4. It is not a nice day and it is summer.  b. Are there any alternative combinations that are valid? Explain.  c. What needs to appear for you to “learn something” in this ability universe? Start with the cessation “learn something” and analyze the rules acclimated (backward) to get to the bare facts.  d. Encode the ability into a graphical diagram (like an access diagram). Use a amphitheater to represent a actuality such as: The day is nice or The day is not nice and an arrow to announce influence.  e. Address a L.C. (or alternative third-generation language) affairs to assassinate this knowledge. Use IF- THEN (ELSE) statements in your implementation. How abounding curve continued is it? How adamantine would it be to adapt the affairs to admit new facts and a aphorism such as:  1. If it is blurred and it is warm  2. and it is not raining  3. and it is summer  4. again I go comedy golf.  f. Implement the ability in a spreadsheet or database amalgamation on a PC.  g. Advanced exercise. In an accomplishing agnate to the one in allotment (d), address a new accomplishing but abundance the ability in variables. Let the affairs chase the arrays to accomplish decisions

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