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Aristippus credibility out that the approaching is uncertain.  Thus, he advises individuals to alive in the moment.  You care to try to backpack as abundant intense, immediate, concrete amusement into your activity as bound as possible.  He additionally recommends adequate thrills and excitement. Alive activity to the fullest so that you will accept fabricated the best of whatever time you have.  In contrast, Epicurus claims that the best activity is a continued activity of accord of apperception and contentment.  Depending on alien things for your beatitude puts you in a ambiguous position, because if you can't get what you want, you will suffer.  Instead, Epicurus advises individuals to alternation themselves to be blessed after alien things. Thus, the about appropriate way to live, according to Epicurus, is to convenance abandonment or asceticism.  Although both Aristippus and Epicurus are hedonists and ethical egoists, they apostle absolutely altered lifestyles as actuality about right.  If you had to accept how to alive your life, and your ONLY options were to alive the egoistic affairs answer by Aristippus or the abstinent affairs answer by Epicurus, which one would you accept and why?  For this assignment, you may not accept a average position!  Although you may not accede with either the amusement or the ethical arrogance of these two philosophers, for this appointment you charge accept amid those two acute lifestyles.  Be abiding to accord affidavit for your choice. 

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