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Use Westlaw to complete each of the following:

1. Find three cases involving whether a sniff dog by a dog constitutes a search.

2. Find three cases giving grandparents the right to visit their grandchildren.

3. Find three cases involving the attorney client priviledge.

4. Find three cases involving the Defendant’s right to counsel of his or her choice.

5. Find three cases involving the right to maintenance in a divorce.

Westaw Legal Research

Locate and cite correctly, any statutory provision regarding the following:

1. Medical use of maijuana

2. Same sex marriage.

3. Licensing of professional persons.

4. Felonies.

5. Requirements for voting.

WESTLAW SEARCHES Directions: Complete the following using Westlaw

Find and correctly cite the US Supreme Court case wherein a wife brought a civil rights action against a municipality based on a police officer’s refusal to enforce a domestic violence restraining order against the husband.

Search Terms/Query: _______________________

Citation: ____________________­­­­­___

Find and correctly cite a statute from your state that addresses domestic violence and its penalties.

Search Terms/Query: _______________________Citation: ____________________­­­­­___

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