I need a discussion done for week 7 for My New Business Venture and Enterepship class and a response to 2 other classmates

  Branding Austin took some time to ascertain the capital cast for Tio as a cooler soup that replaces a meal. According to Heaton, "Branding is the announcement of the capital accuracy or amount of an organization, product, or service." Review the definitions below:  CHANNELS: Describes how a aggregation communicates with and alcove its Chump Segments to bear a Amount Proposition.  CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: Describes the types of relationships a aggregation establishes with specific Customer Segments.  Think about branding in affiliation to your "big idea" and acknowledgment the prompts below: How will you ability the all-important Channels to acquaint with your -to-be Chump Segments?  What blazon of accord does anniversary of your Chump Segments apprehend you to authorize and advance with them? What questions or uncertainties do you accept about the cast you would like to create? Post your antecedent acknowledgment by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and acknowledgment to at atomic 2 of your classmates' antecedent posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone   Tio Gazpacho: A Aftertaste of Tio Austin's ability that Tio should be apparent as a "meal replacement" had abounding implications for business and branding the product. The artefact is now marketed in a small, single-serve bottle, it is shelved alongside alternative ready-to-eat foods, and the packaging highlights Austin's adventure and the soup's tastiness. The cast focus on aftertaste has led to a business convenance of in-store sampling, accompanied by acting amount cuts and coupons. Although this is a cher access for a baby company, those locations with this convenance accept apparent a aciculate fasten in sales, followed by a abiding access in longer-term sales. As the aggregation grows, in-store sampling may not be a acceptable way to ability customers, but for now it works to advance the Tio brand.  1st acquaintance to acknowledge to  Jocelyn Johnson RE: Anniversary 7 DiscussionCOLLAPSE Hello Dr. A. and Classmates, The majority of our approach focus has acutely confused to amusing media. This was not the case pre-pandemic, however, aback affected to stop sending little girls door-to-door to acquaint accolade and ability out at accessible schools, one charge bolt up on technology and change the bold plan. Our capital focus is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, however, my business affairs for this activity will accommodate radio (less expensive), alive options, Pinterest, and a new Tik-Tok channel.  Business includes a advanced arrangement of beat options to ability bodies who are acceptable -to-be customers, as we apprehend this anniversary (JWI575, 1). Our Chump Segments for Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) apprehend a connected breeze of advice and acquaintance administration and aren't shy in absolution you apperceive if you didn't accommodate the capacity abrupt abundant for them to acknowledge or apparatus a plan to use them.  For example, our councils and troops, crave affairs advice and are hungry, some ability alike say, craving for examples and best practices of alternative councils and troops in execution. Our Girl Scouts (K-12) like to see themselves in the spotlight, and we accept responded by application absolute Girl Scouts instead of models assuming to be Girl Scouts on over 90% of our materials. We additionally affection Girl Scouts as they conduct account programs in STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship. The opportunities to allotment these belief are abounding with about 2M associates and 50 M Alumni (Girl Scouts, 2). My questions and uncertainties about the cast are associated with my addition to the Girl Scout alignment and the ability of the GSUSA agents and the Board of Directors. I do admiration if the efforts that my aggregation and I are embarking will absolutely be accurate by the absolute organization and that I can body a affiliation with added than two bodies on the controlling team. We appetite to boost the iconic cast we serve and position the alignment as a fresh, new, and accomplishing acquaintance for girls about the world, all centered on authoritative the apple a bigger abode (2). The cast affiance we accept and strive to advance should body assurance and affinity with our affairs and move appear a charge to acquirement your artefact or account and advance as an organization in the actual abreast appellation (1). Our claiming is to differentiate and set our alignment afar as a whole, not aloof the accolade and the programs (Lienwand, 3). If anytime there were a VUCA moment, a volatile, uncertain, complex, and cryptic moment for a marketer, I'm active in it today! 1. JWI575. 2021. JWI575 New Business Venture & Entrepreneurship. Anniversary 7 Lecture Notes 2. Girl Scouts of the USA. 2021. Girlscouts.org. About Section 3. Lienward, P. & Mainardi, C. 2016. Harvard Business Review. "Your Accomplished Aggregation Needs to Be Distinctive, Not Aloof Your Product." Online: https://services.hbsp.harvard.edu/lti/links/H02WGE-PDF-ENG 2nd Acquaintance to acknowledge to  Malgorzata Perotin RE: Anniversary 7 Discussion COLLAPSE Dear Dr. A. and Class, I accept to say it's adamantine to accept that we accept about completed 2/3 of the course. I achievement anybody is accomplishing well. How will you ability the all-important Channels to acquaint with your -to-be Chump Segments? As Guy Kawasaki credibility out, already you apperceive your business model, accept the amount hypothesis of your offer, and who your ideal applicant is, again it is time to amount out area you can accommodated them on amusing media and what can you allotment that they will appetite to apprehend and allocution about (Kawasaki, 1). Social media are the best channels in the accepted abridgement to acquaint with your -to-be applicant segments. They are chargeless and accessible to actualize profiles and acquaint on. My applicant segments are women entrepreneurs with account businesses who are aboriginal in their journey. Their age ranges from 25-55, and amusing media are the best channels to accommodated them. The better one is Facebook. It is a amusing media belvedere that every demographic uses.  The belvedere has a few "subchannels": FB business profiles, claimed profiles, groups, and chat. The best subchannel for my -to-be admirers are Facebook Groups and babble for added clandestine conversations. Women actualize groups that become allusive online communities to bodies (McLachlan, 2). Being a affiliate of abounding of those groups and accepting my own with over 3200 associates are accomplished channels to allotment admired agreeable and accept allusive conversations with my ideal clients. It allows me to body relationships, brainwash them on my amount proposition, authorize ability and ultimately assurance clients.  The alternative two amusing media channels I use to acquaint with my -to-be admirers are Instagram (Sehl, 3) and Pinterest (Sehl, 4). Instagram is one of the better amusing media platforms, and Facebook owns it. Facebook has abounding advantageous tools, such as Creator Studio, that acquiesce you to actualize and preschedule posts on its platforms.   Alike admitting Pinterest is a abundant abate approach than Facebook and Instagram, it attracts abounding women in my applicant segment. They absorb added time on the belvedere attractive for afflatus and account in areas of their interest. It is a abundant belvedere to accession cast acquaintance and allotment admired agreeable that your abeyant admirers can save and accredit aback to. Two new amusing media channels that I am planning to aggrandize to in 2022 are LinkedIn and Clubhouse. The acumen why I am planning to aggrandize in 2022 and not now is time. With no accumulated role, with MBA completed , I will focus on growing my business ability then. Clubhouse is one of the newest amusing audio apps founded aftermost year. Its admirers is primarily from the US and alternative English-speaking countries. The capacity covered are business, technology, science, sports, and music (Brito, 5).  Outside of amusing media, addition approach that I use to affix with my ideal admirers is networking events. During Covid times, best networking contest confused from in-person to online, which opened the doors to accommodated bodies from alternative bounded areas alfresco of my own. I accomplished them via sites such as Eventbrite or MeetUp, area altered absorption groups and online communities acquaint their meetings. Networking affairs are abundant for accretion and body abiding access and relationships (JWI 575, 6). They are acceptable channels to acquisition new admirers and body a barometer network. The added two channels I use are my website (www.stairwaytoleadership.com) and a blog, as able-bodied as the Diamond Effect Podcast. Reaching those channels requires owning a area and advantageous a almost baby fee for hosting. What blazon of accord does anniversary of your Chump Segments apprehend you to authorize and advance with them? My barter apprehend a accord congenital on trust, support, and value. No amount the industry, there are some accepted things every chump expects to be present in a accord such us: compassionate of their needs, alms new perspectives and account to break them, alert and collaboration, instilling aegis and aplomb in the after-effects our solutions bring, communicating at an alone akin alike if it is through content, and alms high-quality, different admired solutions (James, 8). I additionally begin an commodity depicting able-bodied what apprenticeship admirers expect, whether it is in chargeless "marking" agreeable (to a abate degree) and paid services. It declared three capital areas of apprenticeship relationship: transactional (such as architecture new abilities or convalescent the existing), transformational (personal advance as a leader), and accountability to apparatus things admirers and drillmaster assignment calm on consistently (Nieuwenburg, 8). Here's a screenshot of the clear presented in the article. What questions or uncertainties do you accept about the cast you would like to create? The cast I would like to actualize is one that is based on three amount values: courage, excellence, and simplicity. It is a cast that helps women become adventuresome and assured leaders of their businesses who bear accomplished casework to their clients. One that teaches them abilities in simple, barefaced means so they can calmly administer them and accomplish after-effects abundant faster than if they approved to get there themselves. A cast that understands their affection and the different amount they accompany while allowance them flash it through and acquaint it to their admirers (the Diamond Effect concept). Just as Guy Kawaski suggests (1) and Tio Gazpatcho's adventure shows (JWI575, 9), my cast acquired its amount hypothesis back I started my business. It will accumulate evolving as I grow, accretion added experience, and apprentice added and added about my abeyant applicant segments. There is consistently ambiguity if my cast and the affiance it carries will bell with abundant barter to calibration the way my business plan is projecting. The aboriginal trials and tests attending promising, so with the able strategy, lots of doing, acquirements and course-correcting as needed, I accept it will (Kawaski, 1). Regards, Maggie References: Guy Kawasaki. 2015. The Art of the Start 2.0. Portfolio. Penguin. Stacey McLachlan. 2021. 27 Facebook Demographics to Inform Your Action in 2021. Hootsuite. https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-demographics/ Katie Sehl. 2021. Instagram Demographics in 2021: Important User Stats for Marketers. Hootsuite. https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-demographics/ Katie Sehl. 2021. 23 Pinterest Statistics That Amount to Marketers in 2021. Hootsuite. https://blog.hootsuite.com/pinterest-statistics-for-business/ Michael Brito. 2021. The Admirers Behind Clubhouse & Amusing Audio Apps. Audiense. https://resources.audiense.com/blog/the-audience-behind-clubhouse-social-audio-apps JWI 575. Lecture Notes. Anniversary 8. Branding and Sales. Retrieved from: https://blackboard.strayer.edu/webapps/blackboard/content/ Geoffrey James. 10 Things Every Chump Wants. Inc.com https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/10-things-every-customer-wants.html John Nieuwenburg. 2021. What can you apprehend aback you assignment with a Business Coach? https://w5coaching.com/what-can-you-expect-when-you-work-with-a-business-coach/ JWI 575. Anniversary 7. Tio Gazpacho Video. Retrieved from: https://blackboard.strayer.edu/webapps/blackboard/content/

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