HWE Accessories Website Project

   The Assignment is Week 5, which is listed below. Attached are the antecedent weeks assignments,which can be acclimated for advertence for the  HWE Accessories Website Project ·   Project Plan Overview: HWE Accessories produces accessories for corpuscle phones, such as cases and awning covers. Most of the accepted sales action in retail stores. The absolute website for HWE Accessories is advisory only. HWE Accessories is a almost baby aggregation after an centralized IT department. HWE Accessories would like to apparatus an absolutely new website which will acquiesce barter to browse inventory, analyze items, and accomplish purchases. Project: Prepare a business plan certificate for the new website. The final certificate charge be 5 to 10 pages in breadth and accommodate the following: In Week Two, you will address a 2- to 3-page business case for the new HWE Accessories website application Microsoft® Word. Accommodate the following: The botheration statement Analysis of the situation Cost-benefit analysis Preliminary achievability study Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Return on Investment (ROI) Solution options Recommendations In Week Three, you will abridge the activity plan, accident matrix, and account of key factors into a distinct 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Word document. In Week Four, you will abridge the third affair architect plan and arrangement testing certificate into a distinct 3- to 6-page Microsoft® Word document. In Week Five, you will address a 2- to 3-page accomplishing plan application Microsoft® Word. Accommodate the following: Changeover      approach Data admittance      and clearing including accompanying processes and tools Configuration      management including accoutrement you recommend Release      processes for afterlight the system APA and References

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