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E Commerce


write a mini research paper comparing and contrasting different hosting solutions. Identify two companies on the web that provide hosting solutions and compare:

· The five most important features offered by the service. This can be in chart format to illustrate but also include a narrative, explaining your choices.

· The competitive advantage offered by each of the features. Basically, why is the feature superior to the other hosting site? If you have personal experiences with hosting sites, please share.

· Assume you were approached by a friend who was a die-hard Star Wars fan. He has his own “fan page” on Facebook but wants to take the next step and create his own website. He wants to sell a small amount of items and would like to have message forums for anyone that signs up to his site. What advice could you him considering your knowledge of hosting solutions? Use your creativity here. There is no single correct answer.

Post your assignment in 500-750 words (12 pt. font) prepared in a Microsoft Word document. The paper should be single spaced and sources should be used to support your conclusions. Remember MLA format has citations in the work as well as a works cited page at the end of the paper. This is always the last page.

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