HW #3

Part A.  Identify and altercate the acceptation (2 paragraphs for anniversary answer) of two of the afterward agreement (35 credibility each, 70 credibility total). Your answers should draw on the readings and focus on how these agreement chronicle to our compassionate of the admiral (including advertence to the accurate presidents we accept focused on in the aftermost modules). Note actuality that you should additionally advertence the frameworks we accept explored rather than aloof anecdotic the policy. For instance, is it accessible to anticipate about Neustadt’s account back discussing Lyndon Johnson and the Civil Rights Act? Does Skowronek's access advice us accept Reagan's policies? How does Grover see OSHA applicable into his 'structural' or political abridgement access to the presidency? Pick Two of the afterward capacity beneath and address 2 paragraphs for anniversary the 2 you accept chosen: OSHA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 (Reagan) Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Johnson) Disjunctive (regime decline) presidents (this could potentially accommodate Carter and Trump) Carter’s activity bill of 1977 Part B. Among the presidents we focused on in the additional bisected of class, which one is best absorbing to you and why? Address a abbreviate (at atomic 1 abounding paragraph) altercation of this catechism that references at atomic one archetype from the readings of a accurate policy, political issue, or accomplishment associated with that president. (10 credibility – there is no amiss acknowledgment here, so don’t anguish too abundant about points.)  Part C.  Amuse address a 3-4pg bifold spaced 12pt font. You should address this as acutely as accessible and use folio citations to abutment your analysis, but the autograph appearance can be a little added breezy than the antecedent assignments. TOPIC: “Political and bread-and-butter ambience creates added befalling for some presidents than for others. But accomplishment determines how able-bodied or ailing presidents acknowledge to those opportunities."  Write article that explores the two abandon of this altercation while discussing the calm action efforts of at atomic two of the presidents focused on in contempo chic readings (Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Trump). In alternative words, amuse analyze how ambience shapes the possibilities for altered presidents, and additionally accede how their political abilities again access what they accomplish. Make abiding you use chic frameworks (theories) in your argument. Your autograph should additionally accommodate specific action examples in affiliation to anniversary admiral you are discussing (these can be “successes” and/or “failures” in agreement of a accustomed president’s adeptness to accomplish their own action calendar and accompanying goals).

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