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   Family Differences The Murray ancestors had six children, all of whom are now grown. Each of the children, while accepting assertive similarities additionally is clearly altered in abounding ways. Although all of the ancestors grew up in the aforementioned house, they developed into distinct, different animal beings. Best of the Murray ancestors are hardly on the taller ancillary of accustomed and either boilerplate weight or hardly overweight. Derrick is an barring and is angular and able-bodied due to his athleticism, and Monica is an barring on the alternative end, as she is beneath and the best ample of the six. · Wayne is the aboriginal born, and is approachable and actual bright. He excelled in academy and is admired by his peers. He never accomplished any cogent difficulties in activity and is actual successful. He is the best "straight-laced" of the Murray ancestors and takes himself adequately seriously. · Sasha is the additional child, built-in one year afterwards Wayne. She struggled in academy but is a accomplished writer. She posts absurd abbreviate belief on her blog, and does not accept abounding accompany abreast from bodies she has met online with whom she discusses writing · Derrick is the third - one year adolescent than Sasha - and was a chic clown. He is creative, actual affable and outgoing, actual well-liked, and has assorted friends. Derrick is apparently the best accepted of the Murray ancestors due to his upbeat personality and admiring attitude. Derrick is additionally a conspicuously accomplished athlete, but abominably he has a acquirements affliction that abnormally impacted his achievement in academy and acquired his parents affair during his childhood. · Kim is the fourth child, built-in 3 years afterwards Derrick. She is actual shy, not athletically or decidedly academically talented, and has consistently acquainted like she's lived in the adumbration of her earlier siblings. She has one best acquaintance and is decumbent to activity depressed and lonely. · Lea is the fifth child, built-in 1 year afterwards Kim. She is friendly, about happy, and confident. She did not angle out academically or with able-bodied or aesthetic talents, but she about feels agreeable with life. She has a actual abutting accord with Monica, her adolescent sister, and took on a care-taking role back Monica was aboriginal born. · Monica is the youngest, built-in 7 years afterwards Lea. She is the babyish of the ancestors and has consistently been a little spoiled. She almost remembers activity with her three oldest ancestors back they were developed and confused out of the abode during Monica's aboriginal few years of life. She is affable but is additionally accepted to be a bit of a "drama queen."  Monica is aesthetic and expresses this mostly through her singing. Discuss and accord specific examples of the role of analysis on development aural a ancestors unit. Consider the appulse of non-shared ecology furnishings on the associates of the family. Include in the altercation bearing order, gender, affectionate influences, and affinity influences on the development of the accouchement in the family. 

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