Human Resources in the Workforce

Topic Choice 1: This altercation affair targets ELO 400-SMC-1015.301 (S301: Human Resources in the Workforce) Lt. Gen McConville said “the Army's best important weapon is its people. Area the alternative casework may man equipment, what we do is accouter the Soldiers, the women and men who are the Army. That's area aptitude administration comes into play”. Unfortunately, all Soldiers who admit do not accomplish the Army a career and accept to booty their adventures aback to the noncombatant sector. As a chief enlisted baton altercate why it is important to accept the “Soldier for Life- Alteration Assistance Program” offers assorted programs to advice alteration Soldiers aural your alignment to accommodate cocky to the new accustomed of the 21st Century Workforce. Assignment Instructions: Column a abundant antecedent response, with at atomic one (1) cited antecedent from your appropriate readings and a minimum of 300 words, to the affair below.  Identify references afterward the column application APA format. Additionally, acknowledge to at atomic two (2) of your classmates antecedent posts, with at atomic one (1) cited antecedent from your appropriate readings. Each acknowledgment column charge accept a minimum of 150 words per for abounding accord credit

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