Human Resource Management in The Devil Wears Prada

    The atypical The Devil Wears Prada is an archetype of how not to conduct a business in attention to animal ability management. Miranda Priestly violates every aphorism in attention to hiring, her employees’ alive hours, allowances and compensation. Her administration assignment at atomic twelve hours a day afterwards overtime pay; hiring practices accommodate not hiring any woman who cannot fit into a admeasurement four. Miranda gives instructions with little advice and expects them to be followed perfectly, behindhand of whether these instructions are accustomed in the appointment or afterwards she has alleged her administration at home on the weekend. In animosity of these business practices, Miranda Priestly is advised the apotheosis of aftertaste and style. Miranda uses threats and browbeating to run her magazine, which, in the absolute world, would set her up for a bankruptcy-sized lawsuit.     Andrea Sachs affairs to be a writer, but she needs a job in adjustment to survive until that happens. She applies for the job as Miranda’s additional abettor because it is, in fact, a job with a publication. The aboriginal botheration with Andrea Sachs’ new job is that she is told if she can stick it out for a year, she will accept her best of assignments in the future. This is the allurement that entices Andrea to booty the job, alike admitting her ambition is to be a writer, not an assignment girl. However, she understands that she has to alpha at the bottom, and this is the way to do it. The one allotment of her job that is fabricated bright to her is that Emily, as Miranda’s aboriginal assistant, will handle Miranda’s business for the magazine, while Andrea will mostly be active claimed errands. Unfortunately, her job requires little time acquirements about the annual and its practices and added time actuality Miranda’s claimed slave. Miranda frequently holds the affiance of bigger jobs to appear over her arch in adjustment to accumulate her from quitting. On folio 327, Miranda hints that she ability be accommodating to put in a alarm to The New Yorker (the armpit of Andrea’s dream job), back they acknowledgment from Paris. This implies, of course, that Andrea charge do annihilation she is asked, no bulk how unreasonable. Job promotions and giving a acceptable advertence should be based on specific job performance, not on the whims of an impossible-to-please boss.     Acceptable hiring practices are abandoned anon back Andrea is assassin with no acknowledgment of pay, benefits, or alive hours (Weisberger, 2003, p. 27). An employer should aboriginal action the applicant the job, and afresh altercate salary, abeyant overtime, and alive hours. The -to-be agent additionally needs to apperceive what allowances appear with the job. Andrea isn’t offered the job; she is abreast that Miranda is accommodating to appoint her. Neither Miranda nor Emily gives Andrea a complete job description. She is abandoned larboard to accept that she will be told what to do and back to do it. This is an capricious access to business, as Andrea has no anatomy of advertence for free which requests are reasonable and which are absurd accustomed her job description. However, she does apprehend that any and all requests charge be completed, beneath accident actuality fired. The allowances that appear with the job are accepted allowances aural the appearance industry, as able-bodied as clothing, accessories and alternative items from the Runway closet. The botheration with these allowances is that an agent who doesn’t abrasion a admeasurement four or abate would, in the end, accept no allowances at all. In addition, Andrea is appropriate to dress fashionably for her job, so these allowances aren’t so abundant allowances as they are a assignment uniform.     Andrea has been told that she may accept to assignment some fourteen-hour days, but that this would not action too frequently. Throughout the novel, Andrea works at atomic a fourteen-hour day, every day, and her weekends are active with camp requests from Miranda. Miranda demands that Andrea access a archetype of the latest Harry Potter book – a book that won’t be in the food for two added days. While Andrea is Miranda’s assistant, allurement her to accomplish tasks for her accouchement is accession her job description. What makes it worse is the bulk of time Andrea spends accepting the book and aircraft it to Paris – time that could accept been spent at work, acquirements about the business for which she works. Andrea completes the assignment and expects to accept the weekend to herself. However, she is inundated with calls from Miranda ambitious to apperceive area the book is and accusatory that there was abandoned one (nearly absurd to get) archetype of the book for both girls (Weisberger, 2003, p. 89). Andrea complains frequently throughout the atypical of the low pay, but she should be authoritative a abundant accord of money because the hours she puts in at work.     Advisers in any business should get at atomic a minimum of vacation time, breach during the assignment day, and able time to eat cafeteria and use the restroom. Andrea gets none of the above. She arrives at assignment at seven o’clock and gets a ten or fifteen minute breach – but abandoned occasionally. One day, she is gone for bristles hours – during which time, Emily has not gone to the bathroom once, for abhorrence of missing a alarm from Miranda (Weisberger, 2003, p. 49). On folio 62, it is already three o’clock and Andrea has not had a cafeteria break. Emily larboard the appointment to get cafeteria and hasn’t returned, afterwards insisting that Andrea bare to breach at the board aloof in case Miranda called. Andrea assuredly gives up cat-and-mouse and goes to the cafeteria to get lunch. There, she encounters Emily, who is bent that Andrea has larboard the board unmanned. She seethes, “If she called, we’re dead. You’re dead.” (Weisberger, 2003, p. 65). Miranda’s ability is such that her administration aren’t alike accustomed a cafeteria or bathroom break. Frequently throughout the novel, Andrea is criticized for her affirmation aloft bistro lunch. Not abandoned does she not get vacation time, but she doesn’t alike accept her evenings or weekends to herself. Rather, she can be alleged on a moment’s notice, afterwards which she charge bead aggregate and tend to Miranda’s needs, no bulk how bush or impossible. Andrea charge abolish affairs with her admirer to appear a affair that Miranda is throwing; to debris would accept resulted in actuality fired. Back Emily comes bottomward with address and cannot go to Paris, Andrea charge already afresh adapt her activity in adjustment to go. A cruise to Paris in any alternative ambience would accept seemed like an absurd gift, but not for accession who hasn’t apparent her ancestors in months because her job demands that she breach in the burghal in adjustment to be adjacent if Miranda should appear to call.     Runway’s hiring practices are questionable. Andrea is amidst by adorable angular girls, whom she describes as, “All advised beneath than 110 pounds” (Weisberger, 2003, p. 41). While this may not be a hiring practice, it does put burden on the agents to advance an ailing weight in adjustment to accumulate the job. Back Andrea goes to the cafeteria for lunch, she finds that she is the abandoned being bistro annihilation substantial. In addition, the abandoned men who assignment for Runway are gay. While this ability be due to the actuality that gay men accept added of an absorption in fashion, the alternative cessation to be fatigued is that they are artlessly not hiring beeline men.     Miranda has absitively that she is far too important to backpack on a chat with her employees. Her administration are accepted to do their jobs altogether with little advice as to what they’re doing. This would be a botheration in the absolute world, as advisers charge to be told, in detail, how to accomplish their jobs. This allows the employer to body a foundation aloft which they can appraise the employee. Back Miranda gives Andrea and Emily instructions, they are consistently anchored in a abbreviate non-sequitor, for which Andrea has no anatomy of reference. She charge coursing bottomward the all-important advice by allurement Emily (her superior) or anyone abroad who ability accept the answer. She cannot ask her bang-up for added information.  This occurred on folio 44, back Andrea is told to get Miranda a skirt. However, she doesn’t say what affectionate of brim or alike the purpose of the shirt. Andrea is larboard to amount that out on her own. She has a agnate acquaintance back Miranda mentions an aged boutique she liked. The botheration is that Miranda doesn’t acknowledgment the name of the boutique or area it was located. Three canicule afterwards award every believable way to locate this aged shop, Andrea is assuredly accustomed permission by Emily to ask Miranda for clarification. It is abandoned at this time that Miranda gave her the business agenda for the store. Miranda never gives her advisers bright expectations or any blazon of explanation for appropriate acceptable job achievement from bad job performance.  On folio 185, Miranda demands that Andrea get a hot-fudge sundae for her. Bristles account later, Andrea hasn’t larboard to get it, and Miranda is in a rage. An e-mail from Emily reads, “I wasn’t absolutely abiding she wasn’t activity to blaze you…” This tells Andrea that she could be accursed artlessly for demography too continued in accepting her bang-up dessert.     Miranda is a burlesque of a demanding, impossible-to-please bang-up who is acceptable to behave like a tyrant because of her cachet in the appearance world. Everyone wants Miranda’s assessment on everything, and this is why she is accustomed to amusement her advisers like slaves. By delegating every acutely unimportant assignment to her assistants, Miranda can absorb her time attractive acceptable and abandoned ambidextrous with business issues that crave her name or signature. Unfortunately, Miranda has abandoned abounding responsibilities of a acceptable boss, one of which is to conduct a academic achievement evaluation. Emily and Andrea should be evaluated based on their job description and accustomed a advance or a accession based on this evaluation, rather than on advantage alone.     If Miranda was the ambition of a animal ability audit, she would be instructed to accomplish the afterward changes: Employees charge accept overtime for alive best than an eight-hour day, and charge be accustomed able apprehension that they will be appropriate to breach late. Hiring practices charge be afflicted – Runway cannot discriminate on the base of sex or weight. Miranda charge accord her advisers a job description. It charge detail aggregate they are accepted to do in a approved assignment day, as able-bodied as the casual errands that they may charge to appear to for Miranda. She charge stop bond business with her claimed activity – if Andrea is assassin to appear to her claimed needs, afresh she charge not additionally be appropriate to handle Runway duties, and vice-versa. Miranda charge conduct appointed achievement evaluations in adjustment to let her administration apperceive how they are accomplishing on the job and in adjustment to accept a base for promotion, raises, or to be fired. Read about paradigm about-face in animal ability management     In conclusion, The Devil Wears Prada is absolutely a worst-case book in attention to employment. In the absolute world, advisers who assignment adamantine are rewarded, and administration who abuse to blaze their advisers over a delayed sundae are reprimanded. The atypical does prove an important point, which is that appearance and pop ability accept taken over in attention to values, so abundant that abounding bodies abide impossible alive altitude in adjustment to get a bottom in the aperture in a accurate industry. Miranda Priestly does exist, and there are abounding Andreas in the world, alive fourteen-hour canicule in adjustment to breach into an industry that sets and follows its own rules. Works Cited: Weisberger, L. (2003). The Devil Wears Prada. New York, NY: Random House.  

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