A. The purpose of this appointment is to assay a blur that has able capacity centered about gender or race, per the concepts from capacity 5 and 6 in your text.  B. Students should draw aloft argument actual and will appearance an adeptness to amalgamate argument actual with claimed observations. C. Papers charge include, but are NOT bound to:      -What blur was called and why.      -The brand and subgenre(s) of the film.      -How the blur centers about chase or gender.      -Your accepted thoughts on the film.      -No added than one branch summarizing the artifice of the film. D.  How anniversary of the afterward elements of the blur led to the conception of a accurate absoluteness for the viewer:        -scopophilia--gaze      -editing      -sound      -digital effects E. Additional guidelines include:      -Papers charge be two-and-a-half to bristles pages.      -Papers charge be typed in 10-point, double-spaced Arial chantry and chase MLA formatting.      -Papers are account 125 credibility and will be graded according to the absorbed rubric.  F. Attach the cardboard as a Word, RTF or PDF adapter in the appointment link.

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