1.  Your aboriginal branch should accommodate a analogue of amenity and an account of what it agency to be civil. 2.  Your additional branch should accommodate an account of what it agency to be civilian in an online setting. Why do we charge amenity online? Why do you anticipate the internet tends to beforehand incivility? 3.  Your third branch should accommodate a altercation of what can be done to balance civility. How can we beforehand amenity online? What are some means in which we abstain acrimonious discussions and debates? 4.  Your fourth branch should administer what you accept said about amenity to a specific advancing affair in today’s ability (e.g. healthcare, gun control, basic punishment, abortion, war, bread-and-butter policy). What does it beggarly to accept a civilian altercation about said issue? How can actuality civilian beforehand our compassionate of this issue? 5.  Your final branch will abridge what you accept said and accomplish absolute animadversion about amenity activity forward. What admonition would you accord to internet users about developing and advancement a faculty of amenity in the way they access online interactions?  

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