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5-8 PowerPoint Presentation slides with apostle addendum (excluding the appellation and advertence slide); including abundant apostle addendum of 200-250 words apostle addendum for anniversary slide  As the new HR administrator of a adornment company, you accept put calm some basic letters for the CEO. One of the letters you aggregate focuses on agent turnover. The adornment aggregation is an alignment with advancing amplification goals. In the aftermost 2 years, the aggregation has always assassin new employees, yet it has not accomplished the staffing levels it desired. The aggregation knew that some advisers had larboard the organization, but about-face ante accept not been formally tracked.  After your basic fact-finding, you were afraid to ascertain that the about-face amount for the accomplished year was 38%. You apperceive the CEO will not be admiring with this about-face rate, and you accept fabricated the accommodation to adapt yourself added afore presenting the address to the CEO. About-face presents a cogent amount for an organization, so you admit that this will be an befalling for you to authenticate how you can accomplice with the controlling aggregation to about-face this bearings about and advice the aggregation be added competitive. Adapt a abbreviate presentation for the CEO on the bearings and accessible affidavit as to why advisers are abrogation at such a aerial rate. As you are advancing your presentation, accede the following:  In detail, altercate several of the affidavit why advisers tend to leave organizations. You plan to present the banking appulse to the CEO to get a absolute faculty of the acceptation of the situation. What factors will you accede in advancing this banking estimate? For this assignment, you are not appropriate to actuate the absolute dollar figure, but instead, you are to accede what would accord to the amount of turnover.  Being proactive, what measures can be taken to appraise the assurance of accepted employees, and how acceptable they are to leave or stay?  What action do you acclaim for partnering with the administration aggregation to abate about-face in the accessible years?  As you accede your role, how will you position this to the CEO to authenticate the amount you can accompany to acclamation this problem? 

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