How you would improve security for this system.

Given the following, call how you would advance aegis for this system. There is a arrangement absolute unencrypted acute advice (Social Aegis numbers, driver’s authorization numbers, aboriginal names, aftermost names, and acclaim agenda numbers). The system, active a Windows 2008 server, is acclimated alone by advisers but is on the accessible Internet, as advisers charge to admission the arrangement from home. Affidavit is provided by NTLM, application username and password. The apparatus is currently anon acquainted into its own committed cable modem. Can you acclaim bristles means we can advance the aegis of this system, accustomed a $10,000 budget? We should accomplish abiding to acclaim solutions for software, hardware, and arrangement aegis improvements. The abstracts is acclimated by 15 users and is anchored application a able arrangement with appropriate authentication. Make abiding to accommodate costs for all features. Parameters: 12-point font Double-spaced 2 pages Criteria Discuss how the software can be improved. Discuss how the accouterments can be improved. Discuss how the arrangement can be improved.

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