How to Study for Economics

1. Be best acquaintance with your textbook. The address addendum are complements, not substitutes, of your textbook. a. If you accept a question, affairs are it has been answered in your textbook. Some bodies never apprehend that because they never apprehend their arbiter (not at all or not anxiously enough). Read the accordant sections anon afterwards the class, back your anamnesis is the freshest. c. Afore the abutting chic begins, absorb 15 to 30 account to bound apprehend through the abstracts overed in the antecedent class, so that you are not absolutely absent in this week’s abstracts and you apperceive the ambience of today’s lecture, abnormally back the chic abstracts are cumulative. 2. Don’t apprehend your arbiter and address addendum superficially.Think about what you read. Question what you read. a. Check whether you accept the argumentation of the arguments.  Check whether you can re assemble the argumentation of the arguments after attractive at your addendum or textbook. Check whether you apperceive what the graphs nd algebraic equations beggarly intuitively. Do you apperceive what the abruptness meansii. Do you apperceive what will about-face the curve iii. Do you apperceive what the algebraic equations beggarly in simple English  iv. Can you see that both the algebraic and the graphs are adage the aforementioned affair in simple English 3. Accept that algebraic is absolutely a language. So you should be able to say what the algebraic equations say in simple English. Similarly, graphs are additionally a language. So you should be able to say what the graphs ay in simple English as well. 4. Back you study, don’t acquire what you read, accept the argumentation and the arguments. 5. Back you acknowledgment questions, don’t abound aggregate you remember, assay the botheration application the argumentation and arguments that you understood. 6.Don’t anticipate you can “smoke” through the final assay with “on the one hand, this… On the alternative hand, that…. ” affectionate answers. It may or may not accept formed in A level. But it absolutely absolutely won’t at the University. a. Advanced economics classes ypically try to advise you some specific frameworks (in the anatomy of automatic concepts, curves in graphs, or algebraic equations). The assay questions again analysis your adeptness to administer these frameworks to break a problem. That is why it is absurd to “smoke” your way out of the exam. That is additionally why you charge to accept the logic, reconstruct that argumentation based on understanding, and assay the problems rather than acquire what you apprehend and abound them in exam. b. Some assay questions are of he blazon that if you haven’t studied, you aloof cannot answer. But this is good. This is the amount added of the course. Think about it. If you can acknowledgment the questions after studying, you accept basically ashen your charge money. Why appear to the university What accept you learnt 7. Ask yourself how you will use the concepts and bread-and-butter framework you accept learnt to accept or assay what you apprehend in the Economist or Wall Street Journal or any accordant bread-and-butter account in general. 8. In the ideal ituation, try to break the tutorial questions afore your class. If you aloof go to the chic and accept to the TA’s solutions, affairs are aggregate appears automatic and straightforward. But if you accept approved beforehand, you will apprehend that it is an illusion. When you accept to do it in the exam, aback it seems actual ambiguous how you should proceed, as there seems to be abounding possibilities and you are not abiding which is the appropriate one to pursue. a. But who are we kidding I accede myself a ery careful student. Not alike I accept the time to break every tutorial questions beforehand. b. So in reality, instead of aggravating to absorb a few hours to break the questions beforehand, absorb bisected an hour afore your tutorials to apprehend through the catechism carefully. Outline how you may go about analytic it, for example, anticipate about what framework or diagram will be bare to break the questions, and how the answers may attending like.

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