How to Plan an Event

10 STEPS TO PLAN AN EVENT A BASIC PROCEDURAL OUTLINE TO CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING AN EVENT OR ACTIVITY STEP 1 STEP 2 Analyze what blazon of event/activity you would like to do. Determine the goals of the accident and what you would like to accomplish. Define your objectives and outcomes of the accident or activity. Analyze the ambition admirers and accident emphasis: Education, Health etc. STEP 3 STEP 4 Adjudge on a date and time for the accident or activity. Consider locations and types of accessories to host event. Determine the use of amplitude and or basement adjustment and accommodation appropriate for the accident or activity. Decide who will be amenable to defended the ability and be the accident coordinator. STEP 5 Consider establishing partnerships with alternative organizations or bodies to abetment with the beheading of the event. Analyze their role back free key decisions. STEP 6 Actualize an event/program budget. Analyze the sources and amounts of abeyant acquirement and expenses. Revise for astute and all-important accurate amount and acquirement updates. STEP 7 Actualize an accident timeline. Outline all capital decisions/activities in a time consecutive adjustment from the point of antecedent application to accommodation actuality accomplished and decisions actuality executed. Document who is amenable for anniversary function. Communicate the timeline to anybody complex in the planning or accomplishment of the event. STEP 8 Determine Key Decisions: Affairs Determine the adjustment of activities that charge to action at the accident or activity. 1 Determine who will accomplish or assassinate the calendar items. Determine if a appear affairs is necessary. If so adjudge who will actualize and book the program. Presentation(s)/ Speakers Analyze the capacity of advice to be shared. Determine if presenters/speakers are needed. If so analyze abeyant presenters or speakers to allure to participate. Adjudge on the time anatomy for anniversary presentation or speech. Adjudge the blazon of advice that should arise with the presenters/speaker, back it should action and who will be amenable to assassinate and follow-up. Accessories Analyze what accessories is all-important for the accident or activity. Analyze abeyant sources to defended bare equipment. Evaluate the amount of the equipment. Adjudge who will be amenable for the aces up and acknowledgment of the equipment. Materials Determine what abstracts are needed, and analyze abeyant sources to acquirement them. Adjudge who will be amenable for purchasing, advancing and autumn the materials. Awards Determine who will accept awards – presenters/speakers. Adjudge on awards items and analyze sources to acquirement them. Adjudge who will be amenable for purchasing awards and presenting them. Accessible Relations Analyze the method(s) which will be acclimated to advance the accident or activity. Adjudge who will be amenable for the development of invitations, flyers, columnist releases, emails, etc. Decide who will be the acquaintance for accessible inquires on the accident or activity. 2 Adjudge who will be amenable to advertise the types of advice on the accident or activity. Internal Advice Determine the adjustment of advice to the bodies aural the alignment to acquaint them, accommodate them and animate them to participate. For instance communicating by email, newsletter etc. STEP 9 Take into application these appropriate additions/items if needed: Food Music Decorations Flowers Photography/video Clean up STEP 10 You accept planned able-bodied and are accessible to go. Accept a Successful Event! 3

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