How the courts address or respect our rights as citizens part 2

Instructions This is Part II of the appointment you submitted in Week 6. Using the case outline (Part I: How the Courts Address or Respect Our Rights as Citizens) you submitted in Week 6, adapt and abide a presentation, which will either be a anecdotal PowerPoint, a Kaltura Video, or some alternative architecture as accustomed by your instructor. Be abiding to verify the presentation architecture with your adviser afore starting appointment on this assignment. The presentation Point presentation will charge to include: Name the case Discuss the facts of the case Discuss the history of the case (what laws or acknowledged activity was taken) Discuss the issues or the facts of the case and acknowledged questions the cloister charge decide Discuss if the court's accommodation or backing was for the plaintiff or for the actor and what were the affidavit for the decision? Discuss the acknowledging and agnostic opinions from the adjudicator or if a board trial, the jury. Important: In this assignment, you are accepted to busy the credibility you fabricated in the above-mentioned appointment in Week 6. This appointment will be graded on your backbone to busy and explain the facts of the case and able use of beheld aids, acceptable narration, and presenting to the case and how able-bodied you stick to the case. For example, if you are application the PowerPoint, you are additionally accepted to accommodate able visuals that are accordant to the case. Do not copy-paste the outline into this and alarm it complete. This appointment is account 250 points. Writing Requirements (APA format) Length: The presentation charge be 10-15 slides continued if application PowerPoint (excluding awning and advertence pages) or 3-5 minute continued if application a video presentation. Font should not be abate than admeasurement 16-point   Parenthetical in-text citations included and formatted in APA style   Title/Introduction accelerate required References accelerate minimum of 2 bookish sources in accession to arbiter if cited) Use the apostle addendum to busy on the agreeable on the slides

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