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1.  In this module, you abstruse that accidental numbers (or, at least, pseudorandom numbers) are capital in cryptography, but it is acutely difficult alike for able accouterments and software to accomplish them. Go online and conduct analysis on accidental cardinal generators. What are the altered uses of these accoutrement besides cryptography? How do they work? Explain your acknowledgment application your own words in 2-3 paragraphs. 2. 11.1 List and briefly ascertain three classes of intruders. 11.2 What are two accepted techniques acclimated to assure a countersign file? 11.3 What are three allowances that can be provided by an advance apprehension system? 11.4 What is the aberration amid statistical aberration apprehension and rule-based advance detection? 11.5 What metrics are advantageous for profile-based advance detection? 11.6 What is the aberration amid rule-based aberration apprehension and rule-based assimilation identification? 11.7 What is a honeypot? 11.8 What is a alkali in the ambience of UNIX countersign management? 11.9 List and briefly ascertain four techniques acclimated to abstain guessable passwords.

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