History 1

From what I apprehend and above-mentioned knowledge, I accept there was a balance. Overall, the map shows a lot of acreage that can acclimated for growing crops. Due to the abounding of baptize sources forth the eastern and western beach and forth with the abundant rivers, lakes, and streams, this was acceptable for the land. At the aforementioned time, there was added backwoods and acreage acceptable for hunting added attainable for best tribes. Hunting was not alone accessible for some tribes, but assertive animals and their meat accept important acceptation in Native American culture. As the Europeans confused abroad from the coast, they advance ache to the tribes. And the tribes that were able axis and survive their situations best were the ones who started to alive agnate to the means of their European intruders, like the Pueblo Indians. They accommodated to some gender roles were the men would now go to the hunting, admitting afore the women had done it as able-bodied prior. ( in your own words acquaint me what this beggarly to you 125 words please)

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