Higher Colleges of Technology Mathematics Equations Worksheet

Solve the equation in the attachment file

as soon as posible

Solve the following question which about mathematics and its all about calculation about function and equilibrium

FP 02
Assignment 1
Solve the following question:
1. Solve the equations by substitution method.
3x + 4y = 12, x + 4y = 8
2. Solve the following quadratic equation:
2×2 + 9x + 5 = 0
3. Given the demand function P = 100 − 2Q. Express TR as a function of Q and hence
sketch its graph.
(a) For what values of Q is TR zero?
(b) What is the maximum value of TR
6. A consumer consumes only two goods. Explain consumer’s equilibrium with the help Of
Utility analysis.

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