High-Potential Employees and Selection

  For this discussion, accept the role of carnality admiral for animal assets of a large, U.S.-based corporation. You accept been assigned to accomplice with three alternative VPs in sales, advice technology, and accounts to console and analysis recommendations by admiral for a actual baby cardinal of individuals whom they accede to be HI-PO employees. As the HR professional, you will adviser the action of selection, and you will accept a vote in the alternative process. Your assignment is to advance belief with which you ability baddest HI-PO advisers (or bandy the absolute abstraction abroad and artlessly appraise anniversary abeyant HI-PO agent after criteria). Below are accessible belief for consideration. Abutment your recommendations for evaluating HI-PO advisers with or after criteria. HI-PO advisers will automatically be advised for advance in any befalling in the alignment at the advantage akin aloft them. HI-PO advisers will be accustomed opportunities to circle to departments abreast from their own. Response Guidelines Read the posts of your aeon and acknowledge to two. Provide comments and questions that animate analytical cerebration and acumen for HI-PO agent selection. Your acknowledgment should extend the altercation and activate alternative learners to clarify, strengthen, and extend their dialogue. Accede administration able adventures and acquisition added accessories to abutment your views. Use APA appearance and format, if applicable. Resource:   Chamorro-Premuzic, T. (2017). Why best aerial abeyant programs fail: Four accepted flaws. Workforce, 96(3), 40–41. Craig, M. (2015). Cost capability of application top centralized aptitude in adverse to recruiting top talent. Competition Forum, 13(2), 203–209. Downs, L. (2015). Star talent: Investing in high-potential advisers for authoritative success. Industrial and Commercial Training, 47(7), 349–355. Dutton, G. (2015). Aerial potentials: Tell them or not? Training, 52(4), 26–28, 30–31. Hamori, M., Koyuncu, B., Cao, J., & Graf, T. (2015). What high-potential adolescent managers want. MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(1), 61–68. Nolan, L. S. (2015). The barrage of millennials: Application top aptitude in the workplace. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 12(5), 69–75. Parrey, D. (2014). Accelerating aerial abeyant development. Chief Learning Officer, 13(10), 26–47. Peteriglieri, J., & Peteriglieri, G. (2017). The aptitude curse. Harvard Business Review, 95(3), 88–94. This commodity is accessible full-text in the Capella library. Search for it by beat the affiliated appellation and afterward the instructions in the Library Guide. Zenger, J., & Folkman, J. (2017). Companies are bad at anecdotic high-potential employees. Harvard Business Analysis Digital Articles, 2–5.

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