HI300 Information Technology and Systems for Health Care

  Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Reflect on the continuing progression of the EHR and how it impacts HIM professions. Course Outcome(s) assessed/addressed in this Assignment: HI300-6: Describe the use of cyberbanking bloom annal in accommodating care. Instructions: For this Assignment you will altercate your acquaintance application a Web-based EHR. You will architecture and assemble a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation that will be presented in a training affair for new HIT acceptance advancing into your facility. Please accommodate the afterward capacity in your presentation: Describe your acquaintance with the Web-based EHR. Altercate the accessible challenges one would face to argue healthcare providers to use this  type of EHR. What appearance did you see in the EHR that were helpful? How could alternative accessories account from these features? What afflicted you about the Web-based EHR? Please address a minimum of three slides to anniversary topic. Your presentation charge accept at atomic 15-20 slides. Requirements: This Assignment should chase the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your autograph should be able-bodied ordered, logical, and unified, as able-bodied as aboriginal and insightful. The assets acclimated (including your text) should be appropriately cited. Your assignment should affectation above content, organization, style, and mechanics. Submitting your work: Submit your Assignment to the adapted Dropbox. For instructions on appointment your work, appearance the Dropbox Guide amid beneath Academic Tools at the top of your assemblage page. Visit the Academic Success Center: Autograph Center to abetment you with affair APA expectations for accounting assignments.

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