NIT2171 ICT MANAGEMENT Group Project - ICT Cardinal Plan Group members: 3 - 4 students ICT Cardinal Plan 2022-2027 Submission Deadline: 23:59 – 21/08/2021 Total Weight: 40% of the assemblage final mark Deliverables: ? Accounting REPORT (1500 to 2000 words) - 100 marks/ weight 20% ? Alone Addition Anatomy will charge to be abounding to announce anniversary aggregation member's contribution. The best addition of anniversary affiliate is account 10 marks/ weight 10%. ? Presentation presented by all aggregation associates (individual at – 10 marks/ weight 10%), one acquiescence per aggregation member. ICT Cardinal Plan 2022-2027 HomeWeb is a new absolute acreage announcement aggregation in Melbourne, Australia. The aggregation has about 30 agents demography affliction of their capital aggregation website area absolute acreage agents pay to column their advice about their backdrop for auction or charter and the accepted accessible can chase for backdrop they may ambition to acquirement or charter and acquaintance the agents. The website additionally has a adaptation that is a adaptable appliance that agents can use to amend listings on account of agents. The IT aggregation can additionally login from home to accidentally affix to servers appliance their claimed accessories to acknowledge to any website outages or appear faults. The accepted IT basement such as aerial bandwidth Internet connection, aggregation abstracts centre, software, etc is acceptable abundant to serve accepted appeal alone from agents and customers. The aggregation predominantly operates in the accompaniment of Victoria. In abutting 5 years, the CEO of the aggregation would like to aggrandize their bazaar rapidly to alternative states and add added appearance to the website. Therefore, a affair amid the CEO and technology specialists is set up to altercate the ICT administration plan to abutment the goals. The IT specialist is advising advance the basement to accept the adequacy to calibration up and bottomward rapidly to accommodated clashing appeal for acreage listing, agents, and barter searches. The bang-up is absorbed in a arrangement that would accord him and alternative agents a complete appearance of agents who acquaintance the aggregation assuming antecedent communications, cardinal of website listings etc so they can prioritise abutment issues and accolade aerial amount agents. Besides, the abstraction of appliance avant-garde business intelligence to abutment assay of apartment amount for both auction and charter is awful adorable to him. At the aforementioned time, this top administrator additionally has apropos about the aegis of their database if confused to the billow and the adaptable appliance what would appear if they were attacked by hackers? Similarly, he apropos about the aerial accident of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Your appointment is that as a CIO (Chief advice officer) you architecture an ICT Action to position the organisation to accommodated the goals and business action provided by the CEO while advancement aegis over abutting 5 years that focuses on the afterward analytical IT matter: 1. Basement (especially IAAS) 2. DM (Data Management) 3. MDM (Mobile Device Management) 4. Governance/CoBit 5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 6. Risk/Security/Privacy Your ICT cardinal Plan charge accommodate but not bound to: a. Organization Vision, Mission and Objective b. Background c. Drivers for Change d. At Least three ICT cardinal capacity and accordant ICT capabilities e. Roadmap and ICT initiatives f. IT Governance You may accomplish assumptions about the AS-IS bearings after attempting to do any absolute research, provided you call them. You may accomplish assumptions about the anatomy of the TO-BE ambition (be as adroit as you like). So continued as the innovations accomplish this are described. IT Action Template You will be provided with an IT Action Template. You are not accepted to use the arrangement in full. The arrangement is offered as a appropriate architecture for the sections and aspects in the . Report Appearance Accounting Address Format: A written, business appearance address with: • A awning folio containing: ? Title ? Assemblage name and number ? Apprentice names and numbers • A Table of Contents • A beneath than one-page introduction • A area for anniversary of the A-F capacity listed above. • A beneath than one-page summary Microsoft Word or pdf certificate formatted as: o A4 size, .pdf format o Body argument in 12pt Calibri chantry (heading may be beyond font) o 2.54cm Margins all annular o Band acceding 1.5 o A bare band amid paragraphs (paragraphs do not charge to be indented) o Spell checked Note: Academic abutment and development administration at Victoria University is area you can ask for advice in university autograph skill, English, etc. Diagrams, pictures, and abstracts are encouraged. Referencing: ? This is a business appearance report, not a analysis document. ? Academic referencing or account account will not be required; however, your appointment will be arrested appropriation area there is a absolute archetype of others work. Marking belief are accustomed below: Final Appointment mark will comprise of 3 genitalia as below: 1. The address will be adjourned based on the Appointment Rubric. All associates who accord to the address will accept the aforementioned marks. Marking Criterion Marks Allocated Organization Vision, Mission and Objective 15 Drivers for Change 25 Three ICT cardinal capacity and accordant ICT capabilities 25 Roadmap (including Background) and ICT initiatives and IT Governance 25 Presentation (Graphical Representation+ Notes+ Numbering/Bullets+ Spelling/Grammar) 10 Total Marks 100 2. Along with the report, acceptance will charge to ample in an Alone Addition Anatomy to announce anniversary aggregation member's addition in the address with the acceding of all aggregation members. Anniversary affiliate may accept a altered Alone Addition mark that depends on his/her contribution. The anatomy is accessible on VUC/ / Accumulation Assignment. 3. Presentation After appointment the address for the CEO to review, you are asked to present the address in a abbreviate PowerPoint adaptation in a affair with the CEO and some key stakeholders as allotment of approval process. The presentation of the appointment will be conducted in affair 11 • Slides: o Format: MS PowerPoint o 8-10 Slides o Awning folio (as for the accounting report) o Topic Slides o 1 Summary slide • Presented by the absolute accumulation in class. • No added than 10 minutes • 5 account for questions This is an  for anniversary accumulation member. Therefore, this requires a acquiescence from anniversary affiliate admitting you may use the aforementioned PowerPoint to present. This is to abutment brand in accouterment you acknowledgment based on the Presentation Appearance Rubric. Submission Procedure: Please abide a bendable archetype of the address and Alone addition anatomy (one acquiescence per group) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ information/ Accumulation Assignment/‘Assignment acquiescence – abide here’ link. File format: Microsoft Word or pdf. Appearance carefully follows appearance criteria. Please abide alone the address presentation (one per aggregation member) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ / Accumulation Assignment/ ‘Assignment Presentation – abide here’ link. File format: ppt. Appearance carefully follows appearance criteria. All appointment letters and presentation charge accept a active appointment awning with bright apprentice names and their IDs. Alone the best contempo acquiescence is kept. Amuse agenda that marks will be deducted if the appointment fails to accede with blueprint and deadlines above! Students should use this appearance adviser as advertence to complete this accumulation assignment. In this accumulation appointment all acceptance are accepted to accord equally. Please accumulate an eye on accordant announcements at VU collaborate. In case of any question, amuse do not alternate to acquaintance your lecturer. Warning: Assignments will be arrested for appropriation appliance software to analyze your acquiescence with alternative accumulation submissions, accomplished assignments, and alternative online sources. 

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