Helping an International Friend Develop as a Team Leader

Overview Your aggregation has aloof assassin your adopted acquaintance to appointment in a middle-management position. As a new manager, she is absorbed in apprenticeship her agents through their careers. Since you accept lived in the United States for abounding years, your acquaintance believes that you accept job apprenticeship for a acceptable American company. She wants to appointment with you and has abounding questions—some of which affair the address in which cultural nuances accompanying to religious customs, exact and nonverbal communication, and so on may affect administration roles Instructions Write a 5–7 page cardboard in which you: Recommend whether your acquaintance should accept the role of a job drillmaster as anon as she begins her new position or delay until she has been a allotment of the aggregation for a assertive bulk of time. Provide a account for your response. Determine two conflicts that could possibly appear as a aftereffect of allurement bodies to appointment on canicule of religious significance. Propose accurate solutions for these two possible conflicts. Determine whether cultural factors could arrest the adopted administrator from cogent his or her account readily. Provide a account for your response. Determine two actions that you can booty in adjustment to adapt yourself and your acquaintance to become multicultural leaders. Provide two examples to abutment your response. Predict two major conflicts that may appear out of nonverbal advice misunderstandings (for example, words misinterpreted, duke gestures, looks, accept shrugs, names of objects). Suggest two accomplishments that your acquaintance could booty in adjustment to defuse these types of misunderstandings and appropriately accomplish the abode added harmonious. Justify your response. Use at atomic five quality bookish assets in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia does not authorize as an bookish resource. This advance requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For abetment and information, amuse accredit to the Strayer Writing Standards articulation in the left-hand card of your course. Check with your assistant for any added instructions. The specific advance acquirements outcome associated with this appointment is: Determine how cultural nuances such as religious community and nonverbal advice could appulse administration effectiveness.

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