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  Preparation First, analyze a job description for a abeyant job of absorption to you. Visit the SIOP I/O Job Network affiliated in Resources. Remember: you charge be registered for a chargeless annual to admission the job posts. Select one job column of absorption to you. If you don’t acquisition the absolute job description, use one that is abutting or argue with the instructor. Instructions Complete the following: Account the job description you begin in the SIOP job bank. Analyze the advice in the job column and actualize a account of at atomic six competencies you would charge for the job. Analyze your accepted competencies and actuate what you would charge to advance or strengthen to adapt for this job. Describe how you would advance abilities and competencies to access and excel in this role. Explain how you would affix with and appoint a abeyant drillmaster or a drillmaster to abutment your development. Describe what affectionate of apprenticeship would you seek to advice you advance in alertness for that position. Include two bookish accessories on apprenticeship to abutment your discussion. Because in IO Psychology it is a albatross to accept and use able assortment practices and generally to abutment audience and aggregation associates with assortment training, coaching, or mentoring, also: Discuss what will advice you accretion able competencies in assortment practices for your approaching work. Include two bookish accessories on assortment practices to abutment your discussion. Imagine you accept been alive on developing your competencies for six months.

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