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A. List and describe the 8 value features for your product. Choose four (4) value features that you will use in your product description. Your description should be no longer than a paragraph (4-5 sentences). Use a ‘Unique Selling Proposition’

approach for your description that is exciting and characteristic of your product offering.


(Example: Toothpaste – “Cinnabrite…the new whitening toothpaste with a fantastic cinnamon taste. The revolutionary crystal ingredient promotes safe whitening and fresh breath. With an easy to use push button top, Cinnabrite is guaranteed to make brushing your teeth a new guilty pleasure…So Cinfully Good!

Tropicleen – the new all natural shampoo that leaves hair feeling soft n’ healthy. With an easy to use innovative pump dispenser that pours the right amount of flavor leaving an all day refreshing tropical scent…Paradise in Bottle!

Sun Switch…The solar operated toothbrush with switch-able cartridges. Whiten…floss…brush with an easy-to-use comfortable design. Sun Switch…switch it up!

Hydra-Patch…first of its kind easy-to-use hydration monitor. Using long-lasting pads that produce fast results for active individuals our patented technology creates an easy to read color-coded system that indicates your hydration needs. What’s your level?

B. Evaluate your product as an innovation as the intended market perceives it:

1. What is the relative advantage over competition – what makes it different?

2. Compatibility of product – can it be used in conjunction with other product?

(Tie in strategy.)

3. Complexity of the product – how difficult is it to use or consume? Difficult? H/M/L?

4. Ease of trial – how will people find out about your product? Easy? Difficult? H/M/L?

C. Indicate any major problems or resistance to your products acceptance based on the analysis completed in item B above. (Information will be used to develop communications to overcome obstacles that may be used on your final Print Ad project.)

D. Positioning:

1. How is the product category defined? Indicate the industry category and the Standard Industrial Classification. (Google SIC or NAICS)

2. What is the estimated rate of growth for the product category? See attached.

3. How easy is it for a new competitor to enter the market? Explain?

4. Do substitutes exist for your product? If so, identify the product and companies.

5. How will you position your product relative to competitors? (Competitive price range?) HH, MH, LH…UM MM LM…UL, ML, LL.

E. Branding:

1. Who are the major competing brands in your market?

2. Create a Trademark or distinct logo for your product. Explain your conceptual idea in writing along with the logo.

3. Create a “Theme or Tag Line” that will help identify your product. (Use three words only in your tag line.)

**Seven tips to help create a logo:

1. Strong balanced image, little clutter.

2. Distinctive and bold, easy at a glance.

3. Graphic imagery that is appropriate for your business.

4. Works well with company name.

5. Easy to read font.

6. Communicates your business clearly.

7. Look good in B&W and Color.

F. Packaging: Review the following points before creating your package.

View packaging as a promotion carrier.Make sure packaging clearly communicates the name and benefits of your productBe as creative as possible with our packaging. Make it unique and make it stand out…but keep it simple and functional.Packaging must provide a message that is both explicit and implicit which is consistent with your product positioning and brand image.

CREATE a rough draft of your package design that will communicate excitement and distinguish your product from your competitors.


Paper should be typed with illustrations of brand logo and packaging attachedYou will be graded on creativity and consistency of your work.All late papers will be subject to a full grade reduction.You should identify each section by the outline given on this assignment sheet.

**Tips for developing a Tag line for your Product

Make certain you know what you want to communicate to your customers through the use of the tag line.Brainstorm using other tag lines.Pay attention on how words are put together, and whether they address the following:

4. Does your tag line answer the following questions?

Who are your customers?What benefits do you give your customers?What feelings do you want to evoke in your customers?What action are you trying to generate from your customers?How are you different from your competition?


Aussie Shampoo – The Aussie Way

Lubriderm Lotion – Sensitive Skin Therapy

Dodge Ram – Like a Rock???

United Airlines – Fly the Friendly skies

McDonald’s – Just love-in it

Nike – Just do it

Burger King – Have it your way

Federal Express – On time…around the world

**one of the tag lines listed above is not correct…can you determine which one?

Myproduct is sport jersey T-shirt called “Quick Dry” and I already did the 8 Values, which are

1- Light and smooth

2- Pull the sweat

3- Not expensive either cheap

4- Design for hot countries

5- Good Canvas and quality

6- Does not stick in the body

7- Special company design

8- Silk and cold also simple

Some information:

T-shirt wears in summer and can be wearing not just for soccer can be casual too. Easy to use just read the guide. Can be finding out throw social media, TV, and big celebration my product.

85% Cotton

15% Eastham

The name of the company is going to be “ Blue wave” and this my logo for my product

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