1  For this discussion, baddest one of the afterward options for your antecedent post: advantage A, assortment issues, or B, generational diversity: A. Gender Diversity Caitlyn Jenner and others accept brought gender character and transgender rights to the ahead in the civic media in contempo years. In 2016 the accompaniment of North Carolina anesthetized a arguable bathroom law that accustomed civic attention, consistent in boycotts and an closing "compromise bill" in aboriginal 2017 afterwards abolition of the law. Review the Ruggs et al. and APA accessories affiliated in Resources, again abode the following: If you were an I/O analyst for a ample organization, how would you accord with an agent planning to alteration to the adverse sex in the abutting few months? B. Generational Diversity Older Americans are healthier, active longer, and apathetic retirement, accretion the generational assortment in the workplace. The United States is additionally acceptable added culturally diverse. What are the implications of these assortment trends for arch and affective workers in organizations? How are these workers motivated differently? What ability a training action for a baton in affective a assorted workforce attending like? 2  Consumer Behavior and Alternative Animal Factors in I/O Psychology Specialized ability and training in the science of abode behavior involves all-embracing abstraction of animal performance, customer behavior, and alternative animal factors. For this two-part discussion, complete the following: Part 1: Commodity Analysis Select advantage A or advantage B for an commodity analysis: A. Animal Factors Analyze one commodity on animal factors in I/O Psychology. This involves human-technology interface and ability accommodate animal factors accompanying to safety, ergonomics, and so on. B. Customer Behaviors Analyze one commodity on customer behavior in I/O Psychology.

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