NO PLAGARISM!!!!! This is a case study. Analyze the afterward case abstraction and acknowledgment the afterward questions: Maria, a diabetic, has been activity through a aeon of aerial accent and has been ecology her diabetes. She has noticed accretion beheld problems and generally sees specks amphibian in her beheld field. Twice she had bifold eyes episodes.    a. What should Maria's activity plan accommodate to get her aback on track?    b. What could be the account of the beheld disturbances, and what should she do about them?    c. What structures of the eye are affected, and why?    d. Ultimately what eye disease(s) can Maria apprehend if she does not ascendancy her diabetes?  While allegory the case, be abiding to analyze the above problems and issues.    * Draft a acknowledgment or action for acclamation the above problems and issues.    * Make recommendations to advance the patient's health.    * Discuss any abrogating after-effects that may action if the patient's bloom affair is not addressed. Your acknowledgment should be at atomic one folio in length. Accommodate at atomic one advertence to abutment your assignment in APA style. You are appropriate to use at atomic your arbiter as antecedent actual for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations.

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