Healthcare statistics

Instructions You accept been afresh assassin as an Epidemiological Research Assistant at your county’s Bloom Department. It is alone day 1 on the job and you accept been asked to advance a presentation for the County Commissioners anecdotic a bloom alterity aural your community. In your report, you are asked to abridge the demographic advice about the population, as able-bodied as abridge the bloom disparity. The County Commissioners ask that you present your allegation in a PowerPoint® presentation. In statistics or epidemiology, back you are asked to abridge an issue, this agency that you charge do so by application quantitative information. For this Assignment, amuse abridge by application alone anecdotic statistics. In adjustment to annex this information, you will charge to admission databases accurate by your State Public Bloom Department, CDC, CMS, etc. You should aces a bloom alterity applicative to your approaching career. Throughout your presentation, you charge appropriately appraise the capability of anecdotic statistics in summarizing the demographics of the citizenry and the bloom disparity. Provide contextual advice area appropriate. Requirements Presentation is 10–12 slides in length. Include abundant speaker’s addendum with anniversary accelerate (25 to 50 words). The majority of the speaker’s addendum should be in your own words. The slides arise uncluttered. Visual representations of abstracts are acclimated to abridge anecdotic statistics of demographic information. Visual representations of abstracts are acclimated to abridge anecdotic statistics of the bloom disparity. Anecdotic statistics are evaluated for effectiveness. Contextual advice is provided.

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