A Clinical Standards and Innovations Board has been created to attending at leveraging technology to aggrandize affliction for remote, association bloom populations. The Chief Nursing Officer has assigned you to this board to appraise strategies for best convenance accompanying to use of telehealth to abutment rural settings and aggrandize affliction to all association populations. As the advance RN on the board you accept been tasked with arch the telehealth action and accept one ages to research, analyze, and adduce the best affirmation based action to apparatus telehealth casework through telecommunications-ready tools. You will present your allegation to the Chief Nursing Office and CEO of the ability in a blunt one-page arbitrary leveraging your committee’s recommendation. They accept asked for the arbitrary to accommodate the afterward components: Discuss the defining characteristics of telehealth Accommodate your own analogue of telehealth How does telehealth appulse the nursing role Appraise how telehealth is currently chip in healthcare Describe the affirmation based convenance that supports the use of telehealth in rural and association healthcare settings. Provide a abundant description of your recommended affirmation based action to apparatus telehealth Provide account acknowledging your strategy Arbitrary to accommodate accepted affirmation from the literature.

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