Health Education Patient Counselor

   Prior to alpha appointment on this assignment, amuse apprehend the absorbed commodity Kessler and Alverson (2013) “Influence of Lifestyle, Bloom Behavior, and Bloom Indices on the Bloom Cachet of Underserved Adults.” For this assignment, you will accept the role of a bloom drillmaster professional. In this role, you will actualize a applicant almanac for a apocryphal actuality with one of these above bloom issues: booze dependency, diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, stress, or a abiding disease. Accommodate the appropriate elements in your applicant record.  -Name, Photo, and Demographic Information: Accommodate your client’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, conjugal status, occupation, animal orientation, language, religious orientations, and area of abode (country, state, and region). -Symptoms and Diagnosis: List the client’s medical diagnosis, above bloom risks, and any cognitive, behavioral, or physiological symptoms. List the client’s presenting botheration (e.g., abridgement of concrete activity, poor diet, abrogating arresting skills), and any cognitive, behavioral, or physiological symptoms. -Psychosocial Factors: Describe the client’s claimed and cultural accomplishments including ancestors history, brainy bloom disorders, substance-related issues, antecedent treatments and acceptance systems accompanying to culture. Assess how these factors accept afflicted the client’s bloom and wellness. -Special Considerations: List any physical, amusing and/or bread-and-butter barriers that the applicant may have. This may accommodate allergies, comestible needs, or restrictions. -Assessment: Describe the client’s accepted ability about his/her action and akin of aplomb and aplomb appear alteration the targeted behaviors. -Create a abrupt archetype of your aboriginal affair with the apocryphal applicant you created. In your transcript, authenticate how you would advance reflection, paraphrasing, silence, and basal encouragers to body affinity with the client. Be abiding to notate who is speaking in adventurous chantry agnate to the afterward example: COUNSELOR: Hi, I’m Susan. I’m your counselor. CLIENT: Hello, I’m Bill. It absolutely is snowing adamantine out there. COUNSELOR: Yes, it is. Did you accept any agitation accepting here? CLIENT: Doc, why aren’t you allurement me added questions about my brainy illness? COUNSELOR: John, I see counseling actuality best accessible back you’re talking with me about your feelings. That’s the best way for both of us to apprentice about what’s activity on with you." CLIENT: I’m at the end of my rope. I’m so frustrated" -Once you accept created your transcript, reflect on what it was like to administer basal counseling skills. Explain why it is important to clip and advance the client, abode assumptions, and plan for abortion in the antecedent session. Support your acknowledgment with advice from the Dollarhide, Shavers, Baker, Dagg, and Taylor (2012) which is attached. -Next, analyze at atomic one Bloom Behavior Measurement from Chapter 24 in Hilliard, Riekert, Ockene, and Pbert (2018) that you would use to accumulate advice about the client’s all-embracing bloom and wellness  -Describe the architecture and accompaniment whether the appraisal would aftereffect in the applicant acceptable arresting or facilitate self-exploration.  -Finally, appraise the account of the appraisal from a cultural perspective, and explain how you would allotment the after-effects with the client.

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