Growth and Development Observation Analysis Paper:

Choose a being you apperceive able-bodied and complete a adorning arbitrary beyond the activity amount for this person. (You can accept a being from any of the adorning stages.) Brief overview of biographical data: ex. age, sex, ancestors structure, active arrangements, occupation. Determine the individual’s accepted date of development: physically, cognitively, and psychosocial advance and development and analyze your allegation to the adorning norms from textbooks and abstracts bases. (Theoretical description of individual's date of development.) State which adorning tasks are met/unmet; accouterment affirmation based on allegory of observations to abstract description. Identify measures to abetment or advance the individual's accomplishment to achieve age-appropriate tasks. Adheres to APA format, utilizes actual grammar, and has able writing. This appraisal needs to be a minimum of 6 pages, not including the commendation folio at the end with a minimum of 7 citations.  Be abiding that you advance assorted theories and administer these to the advance and development of your called person. 

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