Group Proposal Paper

   Group Proposal Paper: Final Appointment Instructions Overview The purpose of this Accumulation Proposal Paper: Final Appointment is to accord you hands-on acquaintance in planning a support, psycho-educational, or analysis blazon of addiction group. Examples of support/psycho-educational groups accommodate biologic apprenticeship groups, actuality use prevention, and booze and biologic apprenticeship cartage academy groups. Examples of analysis groups would accommodate an accelerated outpatient group, backsliding blockage aftercare group, etc. (For added advice on psychoeducational groups, see the Gladding text).  Instructions · The Accumulation Proposal Paper: Final Appointment charge be accounting in accepted APA architecture and be 10–14 pages, not including the appellation page, abstruse and references. · Sources charge accommodate the Gladding text, Wagner and Ingersoll text, and at atomic 1 scholarly, peer-reviewed account commodity appear aural the aftermost bristles years. · The Accumulation Proposal Cardboard Arrangement charge be acclimated and all headings in the arrangement charge be utilized. The arrangement provides capacity for anniversary breadth of the cardboard including Theory, Session Outlines, Screening and Problem Solving. · Session Outlines in the arrangement charge be completed in the architecture provided. If you use questions, contest or assigned homework, etc. from an alfresco source, you charge adduce the antecedent or it is advised plagiarism. Save your Accumulation Proposal Paper: Final Appointment as a Microsoft Word document, beneath your name and appointment title, (Example: Doe_J_Group_Proposal_Project).  Be abiding to analysis the Accumulation Proposal Paper: Final Grading Rubric afore alpha this Accumulation Proposal Paper: Final Assignment.  Note: Your appointment will be arrested for boldness via the Turnitin appropriation tool.

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