Grantham Literal Equations Specific Purposes and Applications Paper

Equations that contain more than one variable, and typically only contain variables, is called a literal equation. The word “literal” comes from the Latin word for letter, littera. This makes sense, since variables are letters.

Literal equations that are used for specific purposes and applications are called formulas. Some common formulas are those for area and volume of various shapes. Often we use formulas in our daily life without even knowing it, and since formulas contain variables that means we are using algebra!

What are some formulas you have used in your personal or professional life? Share the formula, and give an example of how it is used. If you can’t think of one, research a mathematical formula and give a situation where you would use it. Make sure you actually use the formula in your post – use it to find a quantity! For example, if you are use the temperature formula, use it to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius and show all your work.

If you need ideas, some common math formulas can be found in section 2.6 of your text or here:

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